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Pole position


It is our main capital purchase, and some may say it is an essential piece of kit when it comes to match fishing, and terrifies the life out of us every time we get it out of the bag. I am off course talking about poles, not the kind that we emphatically beat at Wembley, but the 16 metres of carbon we wield each weekend.

For the very lucky few, a pole is just a commodity – if a top three breaks, a sponsor will send a new one, and no financial burden is incurred. But for people who are crap at fishing like me, it’s a make or break (excuse the pun) weekend if something should happened to our delicated little fishing sticks.

Long pole... cold days!

Long pole… cold days!

The reason I write this is because mine is breaking down. It’s a few years old now, and in all that time I have probably caught three fish! But it’s showing wear and tear and every time I replace a new section, another one goes, as the carbon very slowly starts to resemble a after eight mint packet. So I am on the lookout for a new one, and I have started to ask around, see who has what, and it has revealed a very interesting side to this market, that I have never really seen before, and that’s the stigma that is attached to  £1000-plus poles.

Let’s face it, a ‘bag of sand’ is a lot of money nowadays; it could get you three washing machines, a 1999 ford fiesta, or a sandwich and a coffee outside Anglers Mail towers in London, and most of our angling demographic haven’t got this to spend, so tempting offers are around with some retailers trying to lure us in with interest free credit, others with crazy knock down prices like “was £15,999, now £8” it’s a very daunting process and one that sees hundreds if not thousands of us faced with each year, but I think our manufacturers may have missed a trick.

But the effort of fishing the long pole can be rewarding

But the effort of fishing the long pole can be rewarding

Let’s look at moi; aged 20-something, very handsome, and smells nice! I am in the market for a 16m pole, now let’s stop here, why, why 16m? Is bigger better? In Europe this is a kind of talk is considered witchcraft, and people have been flogged for such talk, so why are we still fishing 16m in the UK? It’s crap, its hard work, and a pain in the bum, that’s not enjoyable is it? And more breakages probably occur “trying” to fish long, shipping back ect at 16m than anything else.

If say the more talented amongst us were forced into fishing with a sub-£1000 pole at 16m all day there would be a massive boom in chiropractor’s and sick time off work, the dole office would come to a standstill!

So lets do away with 16m, end of, those 13m to 16m sections would cost around £600-800 quid for my pole, that’s nearly a grand saving already, I am sure you and many others would welcome that kind of saving, and it puts us all on an even keel, and will sell more rods and reels, as we have to find a way to get up the ratholes on the genius designed 16m snake lakes.

It’s an open blog this one, and I really would like to hear a good reason for using 16m because I have racked my one brain cell over this, and I don’t see a viable reason for the UK to be any different from the rest of our fishing friends, do you? Let me know via facebook?


collett match awards

Tommy Lauriston with his magic Magiscroft bag of silver

It was a cold ‘un this week, and I can always tell as it takes a piece of lettuce or 20 minutes to find my wee wee instrument through a bib and brace should I get caught short, and this week was no exception, a cold un, but nowhere near as cold as it was for this week’s Anglers Mail performance of the week. Not only should this be awarded for the first use of an ice breaker! Yes an ice breaker, but then to brave the conditions and win.

This week’s winner is Tommy Lauriston from Scotland who put together a great net of silvers for 9 lb 6 oz in freezing conditions to win at Magiscroft fishery, Tommy take a bow, this weeks deserved winner of the Anglers Mail performance of the week.





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