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Have you noticed trends seem to come and go, some go full circle like clothes, even some of Ian Chapman’s Anglers Mail photo supremo jeans have now made a comeback! And it seems to me as if the natural fishing venue may be making a welcome comeback, attendances have been soaring on the rivers and canals up and down the country.

Welcome return to the river

I’m not saying that the death bell has been sounded for the commercial F1 scene, but have a look in the Anglers Mail results section and you will see what venues seem to be attracting the larger audiences. Most of the Kamasan point scoring venues are on natural venues so have we had enough of 4mm pellets and black hydro, or are we being forced on to the muddy banks of the rivers and canals due to winter league commitments?

Who can resist a bag of silvers?

Personally I think “proper” fishing is making a comeback and I am all for it; you see it has a big effect on many things, not just a farmer’s pocket. It attracts people to towns, like Hereford, so people spend in the shops, buy fuel from the garages and pay parking, and most importantly use the tackle shop to buy maggots and groundbait, not be hooded and kidnapped into buying a thimble full of pellets for £20! Ok, I concede that you may not be able to catch 100lb of carp on 20 pellets or three grains of corn all day, but the lure of that stick float going under, or your feeder rod hooping round and the mystery of what it is going to be on the end – a double-figure barbel, a 6 lb chub, a 3 lb perch, a 35 lb carp even. These are fish I know have been caught on these river matches, and even on some canal matches, now to me that gets my attention, and keeps me going on these.

Compare that with shipping 16 metres of pole to reach a man-made island and coming back with a 1lb or 2lb F1 every time – not a tench, or a bream or anything else to get the adrenaline flowing, just the same fish ? Now before you all jump on my head, I’m not saying that one or the other requires more skill, I’m just saying what gets my juices flowing, and it seems many others feel the same way too ?

But they both come with different pros and cons; the rivers with their lengthy walks, the canals with the towpath terrors, or the F1 venues with the pellet monopoly and the 150 rules you must obey by. I would be interested to know your thoughts?


Jordan Hall, Collett’s angler of the week


There has been so many great catches this week it has given me a real headache trying to pick out my performance of the week, but after many phone calls one result stood out from the rest and although it was on a commercial, with not many anglers this guy must have the most consistent record for winning at this particular place and he is still only 18!

So this week my award goes to young Jordey Hall who recorded another win at Kings Pools with a tough 19lb 9oz of carp on punched bread, after a very cold night. So young Jordey take a bow son, you’re this week’s winner.








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