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AFTER a few weeks away I have come back to flooded rivers and frozen canals so to get a decent match a commercial is on the cards. But how much is it too fish one of these matches these days?


Well we all know fuel is a massive problem, and there is no way we can escape this, unless we switch to venues very close to our homes. But if a winter league has to be fished, a few more miles may have to be put on your trusty steed, adding the first bit of “match tax”…

Fuel – £10


Then the pools money, a lot of this is going on to the cost of a ticket, the rest going to pay you partly back for your hard day’s bagging !

Pools money £15-20


Then we have the “stealth tax” that is fishery pellets, the blue touch paper for me, and I think a lot of you too. Somehow the £20 note you had in your pocket this morning has been reduced to a few coins, and depending on where we go this can leave a big hole in your pocket even during the winter months.

Fishery pellets £2.50-5


After leaving the house at a ungodly hour, you’re going to need a bit of nosebag, or snap. So if the fishery has a café on site, you will eat there and discuss the past week’s crap draw over a sausage and egg sandwich, and the pockets seem lighter already.

Breakfast £5.00-7.50


After the breakfast you may have forgotten to get some pole rubbers or some B711 in “winter size” so the onsite tackle shop will quite gladly relive you of a few more bob, and along with an emergency tin of corn. “Kerching” goes the till and your another few bob lighter.

Terminal tackle £5-10


Now before you start making comparisons between football and the pub. I’m not bemoaning match fishing, I am just telling you my experiences, I always have a great day’s fishing – don’t get me wrong.

The days I hate are very few and far between, but nowadays more than ever before I seem to get home and feel like I have been the victim of a pickpocket? Even when a bit of “curry money” comes my way, it still doesn’t feel like I have won anything. Is this just me?

So let’s add this all up and you tell me what’s missing. Before I have even looked at the White Lion or contemplated popping into the Queen’s Head, I have got rid of near as damn it £55.

So if I could manage a “SAS” (Saturday and Sunday” match) I have broken the £100 barrier – a pretty hefty sum if you have not yet done the weekly shop, or paid the bills.

But have you noticed anything missing here?

The tackle shop, that’s what’s missing! We have blown a ton and not even given Mr Tackle Dealer a second sniff.

And I tell you what’s happening, the local tackle dealer is driving a Rover, and the fishery owner a Range Rover… have a look next time you’re out!


As I’m running a week behind, my performance of the week is a collective one, a team one.

As I have managed to see the whole league unfold form round one, I’m in a good position to hand out this week’s Angler’s Mail award to Leicester Sensas for the amazing shift they put in during this year’s Soar Valley winter league.

Joff Woodgett’s team finished the league in style with a 30 point lead giving them the choice of venue for the semis.

Well done Leicester, a great set of anglers,and  well done Joff for orchestrating a well-oiled machine.

Don’t forget to log on to the Angler’s Mail website during the festive period, for my best and worst of the year, and some top tips from some of this year’s superstars.

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