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MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! It’s at this festive time, that looking back on the year is part of all our lives. And as match fishing is a big part of my life, I’ve cast my mind back…

For me, Les Thompson, whose £50K win at the Maver Match This final was a stunning stand-out victory, is the deserving winner of the 2012 Angler’s Mail Match Performance of the Year.

I couldn’t let Les go without him sharing his knowledge and giving us a few tips, the kind of stuff that could see the likes of you and I pick up more brown envelopes in the new year. But those tips are for next week’s blog!!

For now, I thought as a special treat I could share with you what I have picked up this year.

Being in the very fortunate position of being a Mail Man, I have got to sit behind the World’s best anglers for five or more hours learning more than I ever would competeing against them.

So my top 5 tips for the new year based on what I have stole, oops I meant learned, from the best:

Catch like Steve Collett!

1. Preparation, preparation. 

The prep before a match can be the difference between winning and losing. If you want to really compete, you need to knock a few things on the head, you can’t tie size 24s in Flares the nightclub!

2. KISS – Keep It Simple Steve.

All of the top anglers I have sat behind and done features with have this in common, simplicity. They will not risk any fancy pants new rig on a match, and will not overcomplicate things with a bait tray that looks like a pick and mix section at a sweet shop.

3. Tread lightly.

Another trend I have noticed over this past year is how many top anglers are lightening not only their rigs but the elastics, opting to play fish out rather than bullying. One complete game changer for me has been the new MAP 5-8 yellow elastic, with a puller, after watching the superb James Dent land anything on this stuff, it’s now in ALL of my tops.

4. Feed and they will come.

No doubt about this one, every top matchman feeds with precision regularity. And although it may seem easy, you try repeating it for 5 hours with say, TEN maggots only, it’s not easy, but that’s what they do!

5. Calm down, dear…

For many years I used to lose my rag, throw top kits like Tessa Sanderson, and swear at anyone within earshot, I now know that’s no good to man nor fish! Keep cool, take deep breaths if you lose one after another, the fish are there, you just need to adjust. Most of today’s top anglers are as cool as a penguins foot.


Well that’s a good way to end 2012, don’t you reckon? Thanks for enjoying 2012 with Angler’s Mail, and if you enjoy this or any blogs, don’t forget to click the Facebook and Twitter logos at the top to share them with your pals. It’s also a bright idea to join Angler’s Mail on Facebook.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas! And don’t forget to read Les Thompson’s top tips in my News Year’s Day blog on this website.





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