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Ok, we don’t take this much, but many of us take way too much stuff.


AS THE autumn season takes its grip, the nights draw in, and the temperatures drop, the rain seems to be an everyday occurrence, the banks start to resemble the Somme – mud everywhere. The summer that never was seems a distant memory.

Muddy venues like the Somme – deep joy…

And as I trudge through a field pushing my barrow laden with a Rive box, a platform, a side tray, buckets of groundbait so on, it left me wondering: how much tackle do we actually need?

I know on some commercials you can take the kitchen sink, as the pegs are a few metres away, but take where I was this weekend, Kegworth on the River Soar, or as this stretch is affectionately known the River Sewer, the 20s are probably only 800 metres away from the road.

But, and it’s a big but, there is a stile to navigate over, a gate, a narrow bridge, then a trundle through a field, that 800 metres seems like 800 miles and the prospect of only catching a few bits in the cold October rain, then having to cart it all back again is no fun. But we still do it…. why ?!

I did a checklist this weekend to see what was used and did a rough weigh in. It worked out that with the barrow I had carted 160 lb or around 11 stone to this peg, and used only 80 lb of it. There is always a “just in case”, but how many of these just in cases actually happen? Not many.

After giving this a lot of thought, I can see why my barbel fishing or lure fishing becomes more pleasurable. I can carry all my gear with ease, I can move around keeping warm, and I can bugger off home when I have had enough.

I see more and more match anglers heading this way, as it becomes even less fun as the months get colder and the chances of catching next nothing increases. The thought of being wrapped up warm with my HD brolly and a cup of tea on the go is quite a heart-warming one.

I don’t mind one little bit, because I know if the weather takes a turn for the worst I haven’t got much to pack away, and the stuff that I have got won’t be covered in mud, the stuff that seems to be the scourge of the matchman’s life during these months.

I’m taking precautions to limit the effects of mudbaths.

So what am I going to do about it? Well I have invested in a bit of AstroTurf for the car to aide changing muddy boots, got myself an excellent wader bag, a muddy and wet clothes bag.

And I am most definitely cutting down on the amount of tackle that I am going to take to my peg next week, and try to enjoy it.

The sport needs us to enjoy it, so does the trade, because as soon as those clocks go back, the butterfly fisherman heads into winter hibernation, and the stuff goes away into the shed or garage only to be nibbled away at by mice, and will not get an airing until March.

I’m sure that’s down to not enjoying it, but with the amount of excellent clothing available now, the superb bivvies, and gloves that can handle a Artic expedition there is no excuse.

There is some excellent silverfish sport to be had on many off the commercials, so ignore the Hoovering and creosoting the shed… go and have a fish!

This week’s performance of the week comes from a matchman that needs no introduction.

Well done Neil Machin.

He is still up there at the top of his tree when it comes to F1 fishing, winning some of the sport’s big ‘uns, and always appearing in the Anglers Mail Kamasan points table.

It’s a certain Mr Neil Machin, after winning this week’s Tunnel Barn winter league with a mixed bag of 68 lb.

Any win at Tunnel during the winter league is a massive achievement when you have a look at the list of F1 specialists that fish there.

Take a bow Mr Machin, my Anglers Mail performance of the week.


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