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WHAT a bank holiday weekend that was.

Two hours’ loading, two hours’ carrying!

A day at York races for the Eibor saw me outside McDonalds later that evening with a dog on a string and a plastic cup begging for pools money so I could fish the Patshull two-day festival!

As soon as we got home we began the arduous task of getting the gear ready, and usually that can be done in a matter of minutes – rod holdall, box, carryall and a stink bag, that’s all we need right? No.

Patshull Park, being a really diverse venue ,could see you pegged on a “boat” that’s right a boat, where anything can happen from a pole to-hand situation, or an out and out feeder match. Sometimes the long pole, you could be pegged on the hotel bank, where it’s deeper than Jacques Cousteau’s garden… top 8s are needed in some pegs. Then the “shallows” …these can be hit or miss, and a platform waders and everything else is needed.

So pretty much everything you have in your tackle shed needs to be transferred into your car and with two of you I don’t know many cars that can take all of this gear, plus a few bits and bobs for an overnighter at the hotel.

Trolley like Buckaroo!!

Anyway, after hours of cramming the gear in, the old noggin started to whirl, and I can remember when I was a lad, getting everything, plus more and three other anglers in the back of Maxi? (You kidz: this was an old skool car). I have even travelled up to a National in a Ford Fiesta, two up!

So where is all this clobber coming from? How come we now need a VW Transporter just to fish a commie? The average Rive box with a platform is now the size of a Toyota Yaris, and rod bags now resemble something a travelling carpet salesman would own, rollers the size of a fairground attraction… and all skilfully placed on a trolley looking like the fishing version of Buckaroo!

Then you have to get it to your peg, unload it like Kerplunk, and have a day fishing. I thought do we really need all this? So after the match I laid out what I had actually used and it was hardly anything, you could have put it all in a handbag!

So why have I carted all this to my peg? I have no idea, but there is lots of “just in case items” that I will never use, 0.20mm line, just in case? In case of what, mako sharks on the Trent and Mersey?

The box of 50 Method feeders? I have never lost one, and even if I did, with the price of them, I would have swum in to get it! Spare bib and brace? I have no idea, and then my fetish for baiting needles, why I have no rhyme nor reason, but I have to have lots, along with, plummets, cage feeders, and tons more crap, and then the great angling mystery…

Where do all the lids go from bait tubs? I carry 14 bait tubs, but only have three lids, and to my knowledge I have never left one on the bank? So where are they? Answers on a postcard…

So this weekend I am attending a Betty Ford style clinic or rehab centre to reduce my addiction of carrying all of my worldly possession’s to my peg, and then still forgetting a vital piece of equipment like a hook tier, or cupping pots!


This was a massive weekend of match fishing, and you can read all about it in the Mail. With Internationals and the Evesham Festival, the British Pole Champs, it’s nearly impossible to pick a winner this week, but I have to.

And on effort and determination alone, this week’s winners should be the England Ladies team. Having to raise their own funds, with raffles, events, and other schemes, that personally I find disgusting, then after all that pressure of begging for cheese, they have to go and face a world class stage, is nothing short of phenomenal. And having been on a world champs with them, I know what a pressure cooker of an environment this is.

So all of the above, mix that with a day one that puts them in 8th place, to then come back and win it, is remarkable …so a team effort and well worthy winners of this week’s Angler’s Mail performance of the week.

England Ladies – true golden girls!





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