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IMAGINE another sport for a second, let’s say football…

Your budding son or daughter has gone through the past 365 days, eating, drinking sleeping the sport they so much love. There’s the preparation involved, the hours as a parent or partner travelling to participate in this pastime, looking forward to learning that their hard earned efforts have been rewarded with that ultimate badge of honour, a place in the team, or even more an international team. It brings a tear to my eye.

Imagine then if you had gone through the same, only to find out that this year there is no trial and someone has been picked, not on merit, but the right words have been spoken. Or a mysterious brown spot resides on someone’s nose, your face didn’t fit, or you just don’t have the right “look” about you. Well it happens, and it happens in fishing to.

Let’s have a look at the England Feeder team, nothing wrong here, top angler’s a great manager, everything seems great, but not if you were in the B team or the C team or the K team… they do go on quite a bit!

Because as I would have thought, you get into these B teams and work your way up, to the A team on merit as a reward for being part of the “team” not so.

So why do we have trials? I have been on such a trial, and I have seen a gold medal performance right here, in brown nosing, simple as that.

I’m not saying that the current members are in it because of that, because they are not, they are there on performance based results, but jeez, there is a lot of, well let’s say politeness.

So do they need a trial, or are they part of a “box ticking exercise” for the governing body. I’m afraid it’s the box ticking, there is absolutely no need whatsoever for these trials, as unless you are “in” you’re not going to get “in.”

I think we all know someone who should have been given a chance, or even a fair go at a trial, but it won’t happen, not unless there is some big changes.

A recent trial I attended was to determine who would be good enough to fish the slider or adapt to the rigours of a deep and wide canal with skimmers the target. So it would be held on a similar venue, you would have thought? No, Packington Somers was the venue, a 4ft deep and 20metre wide canalised part of the complex where the winner of “the trial” won with caster shallow?

Needleless to say the day of the race was a bit of a disaster, and it was our money going to waste to host such an event. The poor folks that attended never had a look in at that trial, it was decided beforehand.

So do we really need them, if only a few people turn up, and their fate is decided before the draw has been made? What about the full England team, why is there no trial process? Does that mean the “others” are less of an importance?

I don’t know, but I do know it deserves a real shake up. If the current management were in football, they would have been down the road along time ago I tell you.

England’s abysmal Carp Team result, in football that would have been a score of England 0 Serbia and Montenegro 12. Our campaign in coarse fishing this past year – Hungary 7 England 2. You see where I’m coming from.

Did we have a crisis meeting? Anything happened? No.

I have put it to our governing body that we need some kind of performance director, to hold managers to account if needed, to raise the profiles of our national teams, and to secure funding to eliminate the problems some teams have in raising the funds to even attend.

But nothing will be done until the “old guard” stand up and be counted, hence in my opinion the reason why other countries are forging ahead.



Congratulations to James Dent, Angler’s Mail performance of the week

After my little rant, we have the most important part of Tuesday, Performance of the Week, and at last we have had a bit of sunshine, and the weights around the country reflect this.

After looking through all of the results I have to award this week’s performance to young James Dent (MAP) who, as I have tipped before is one of the best anglers in the country and after winning the Dynamite Festival against the highest calibre of anglers, he then went on to secure a place in the Maver Match this final, again.

So it gives me great pleasure to award this week’s Angler’s Mail performance of the week to James Dent. Well done son.






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