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 SOME might say it’s the most important part of match fishing; some are good at it, some are not, some have runs, some never have any. I am part of the latter group.

Can you draw?

Can you draw?

I’m crap at drawing. I never draw good pegs. I have had one great peg in my life, in probably my most important match, the Division One National on the Trent. Peg 1A is what you want, and it’s what I got… but alas, I didn’t draw it myself, a good lady from Farnborough & District did, and I shall be forever grateful.

I thought this was it, I had turned a corner, my luck had changed. It hadn’t, I went back to the same old rubbish, week-in week-out.

Some anglers seem to have an ability to draw what they want when they want. Dave Harrell springs to mind, if on Shrewsbury you needed a good peg, you better draw before Dave. Then Leicester’s answer to Tony Hart, Rob Wooton, rarely on a bad ‘un. Grant Albutt has seen more flyers than Heathrow! All of these anglers are very good anglers in their own right, add that ingredient to a good peg and it’s all over for us mere mortals.

Fingers crossed for peg luck

Fingers crossed for peg luck

So what is, it? My girlfriend Samantha Perkins is constantly shaking her head at how bad I can draw. Take peg 13 Paddock at Makins for instance. Drawing it once in a big match like a Fish’O’mania qualifier is tough luck, twice is bad luck, three times is what the…..

So I do have a drawing problem, and Samantha being the kind soul she is decided to rid me of my demons, and force me to practice my drawing arm, and made a few pegs to put in a hat, 1 to 10. Five of them had bad written on, five of them good.

After jumbling them all up, and putting them in a hat, exactly how you would on a match I put my hand in the “bag” had a shuffle and pulled out a… bad ‘un. Not to worry, I shall try again. Guess what? Another bad ‘un, and so it continued bad peg after bad peg, I just could not pick a good one. And to make sure it wasn’t a stitch up, I checked them all, and all was fair and square.

So what happens when your luck changes? And this has happened to all of us…  You draw a peg that has won the last five matches, smashed them out of sight, and you run to your peg, buzzing, and spending your money before you have potted in. And nothing happens, the fish have moved, you were on the right peg, but the wrong day.

Your eyes are magnetised to the fishing results pages to see if it won the next week, hoping it hadn’t, and the fish had just moved, not that I was crap!

Whatever we think of the drawbag, I think it evens itself out over the years. I am still waiting for my good run! And it is a very important part of modern match fishing, and I am sure a bit of luck helps.

Take this week’s mega money £50,000 winner Zac Brown, he drew the peg that won last year. Was it all over at the drawbag? I know it was for some. You can read my exclusive report and thoughts in next week’s Angler’s Mail.



collett match awards

Well it’s been another big ‘un as far as matches go, 100-plus on the Trent and Misery, the Maver Match This, and a Riverfest to name a few, but this week’s winner is becoming a bit of a big occasion master.

Only a few years ago I remember writing about him coming from nowhere, and here we are 2013 and he is fast becoming a household name in match fishing, after having one of the most successful seasons ever pocketing a few quid along the way, and clinching this year’s UK Champs.

Congratulations An

Congratulations Andy Power – this week’s AM performance of the week

I am off course talking about Andy Power, this week’s Angler’s Mail performance of the week, with a score of 8 points and a total weight of 241.423 Kg with all of it needed to pip Richie Hull who amassed the same score.

A superb feat of angling, and a well-deserved Angler’s Mail performance of the week award. Read more about this and other great wins in AM mag this week.




Bream hauling on match gear, full report on what Dick Clegg called "one of the best results ever" and loads more can be enjoyed by getting the new AM magazine, in good shops from Tuesday, September 3.

Bream hauling on match gear, full report on what Dick Clegg called “one of the best results ever” and loads more can be enjoyed by getting the new AM magazine, in good shops from Tuesday, September 3.

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