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LAST WEEKEND at the Tackle and Guns show I bumped into an old friend who I consider to be one of the finest matchmen this country has ever seen.

It left me wondering if he would have been ”THE” finest had he continued to fish full time.

Simon Christian – family guy and winner.

You see, this guy had a wonderful family, a young family who had other interests, horse riding along with other hobbies. He decided to spend time with his growing kids; a very admirable quality, especially seeing that he was at the top of his game at the time – Kamasan points galore, sponsorships, teams desperate to have him in their side.

He chose his family, and the tackle went in the loft, then as they have grown up, he has started to slowly ease himself back in.

And his class soon started to show, as in his first year back, he qualified for Fish O Mania, won numerous Opens, and became a threat on any Midlands Open. But only once a week, he doesn’t have time to practice, he only goes once a weekend.

An amazing feat in my book. I won’t name him as he is also a very nice bloke and would probably be embarrassed if I did…

It was Simon Christian!

But it did leave me wondering – if you can be a top flight angler, and a family man holding down a 9 til 5?

Only this weekend I saw a familiar and heart-warming sight that I am sure some of you will relate to, Mr Joff Wodgett, captain of Leicester Sensas, on a pretty big match the Soar Champs – and he had something with him in his bag. A daughter.

I’m sure Joff would forgive me for not knowing how old Izzy is, but for instance say 7 to 12, but can you imagine having to fish a match, and watch a youngster. I take my hat off to you, and I am sure many of you have done it.

I have seen young Emma Pickering and her daughter on matches, and even though she was as good as gold, and probably enjoyed every minute of it, it’s still a tough ask. Again, I applaud you.

Les Thompson – proud family man with terrific family support.

Of course there will be exceptions to the rule, Les Thompson to name one, but I am sure that is down to family support. I suppose the kids would be proud as punch to see daddy or mommy in the magazines each week.

Sam Sim has three kids and a husband. She’s a winner.

Another “family” angler springs to mind – Samantha Sim, three kids, lives in the bottom of the country where it’s hard to fish certain matches, but somehow managed a Fish O Mania title, secured an England place, and continues to win section after section in her local leagues.

I know for a fact that she doesn’t fish on Saturdays, that’s the family day, so how do they do it?

I can’t say myself as I don’t have kids, but I think a lot of it has to do with support from the other halves. I know Sam Sim’s long suffering old man, Jason Kirk, immerses himself into Sam’s fishing career, and being good angler himself, he has had to sacrifice his fishing a little bit. That’s a very admirable thing to do, especially with so much fishing talk going on around the dinner table.

A real tough subject this, and I am sure the successful family anglers need 100 percent support from the husband or wife, otherwise you’re on a losing peg before you have drawn it !

So next time you’re on a commercial and Mr X wins his section or the match, after finishing a 50-hour week and a Friday night of Dora the explorer, doff your cap. It’s a damn good achievement holding down a job, kids and fishing. I’m off down the vasectomy clinic…!


Roger Marlow

This week’s goes to a guy who I don’t know that well, but he has been around that long he has drew next to Izaak Walton twice. He has achieved a mammoth feat in winning a major championship three times in a row and four times throughout his career, the Soar champs.

I am of course talking about Roger Marlow (Leicester Sensas) who won this weekend’s Soar big ‘un with 2 kilos 550g on a river that fished very hard. I even had to resort to the good ol Daddy Ruffe and a rogue chub for a section win.

A very hard day, so well done Mr Roger Marlow a superb run of results. Take a bow.



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