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 Snake charming!


IF you have just got hold of this weeks Angler’s Mail, you would have noticed that the awesome Andy Bennett has become the the 2013/14 Preston Innovations Angler’s Mail Matchman of the Year.

Andy, a Daiwa, Guru and Bait-Tech-backed legend, certainly knows what he is doing when it comes to venues such as Partridge Lakes, and in particular snake lakes, something I have never really been able to get my head round.

With more and more snake lakes appearing, and F1s becoming a specialist target, it’s something I really need to study.

Surely a snake lake is like a canal? You feed the far shelf, up the shelf, down the track and a few lines either side – it’s simple isn’t it? Well I can’t seem to consistently unlock the code – where am I going wrong?

If you have a look at Andy’s record, bearing in mind he has had to compete with the likes of Kieron Rich for the title, and managed to rack up 98 points, it’s phenomenal and lots of these points have been racked up on snake lakes. I have been fortunate enough to witness it a few times whilst covering matches.

To the untrained eye it looks as if he is doing nothing special, until you have a look back at the photo sequences or video we have managed to get of Andy that you realise he is a proper craftsman of his trade.

I pay ridiculous attention to detail when watching the greats at our game, because I have a genuine interest in learning and catching more fish, and on one occasion I witnessed Andy’s feeding technique with casters. I like my caster fishing, and I like to think I can catch a few on the old “shell” but this bloke is something else.

I counted him reach for his catapult an amazing 25 times in a minute once firing just one or two casters into four or five swims, like clockwork – you might think there isn’t much to that?

Try it, I did a few weeks ago, and I ended up with twenty here, ten there and another fourteen casters going in the trees! His feeding is phenomenal, and almost robotic – a trait that is common with a lot of top anglers, little but often. You will be amazed how many folks don’t do this!

After his feeding I noticed how he seemed to know when a swim was tailing off or when to rest it, as if he knew what was going on – another common trait that our sports champions seem to have. Unfortunately I don’t.

When you try to come to a conclusion, and put all of this into practice, we always forget one thing, this one thing keeps the likes of Andy, Kieron, Scotthorne, Ringer, Thompson etc on top. It’s the easiest of all to do, but as mere mortals we rarely do it.

What am I talking about? Simplicity of course, just have a look on any of the names above side trays and you will see the prep has already been done, there is no over complication with baits, and the whole picture looks very simple.

So that’s it, next year you will see my name at the top, as they don’t come much simpler than I.


collett match awards

Usually Andy Bennett would take this hands down this week, but I have already blown too much smoke up his bum! This week’s FishOMania_2797850winner managed to suss out the conditions and worked out whether the fish were “avin it” or not.

Fortunately his decisions were spot on and needed to be as this was the best match of the year so far at Barford lakes, and this week’s Anglers Mail Performance of the Week winner managed to put together 132-12-0 of F1s and the occasional lump to win, I am of course talking about Fox Matrix-backed Warren Martin, this week’s well deserved winner.




Full coverage of the match scene, plus amazing end of season catches are in this week's Angler's Mail magazine - in shops from Tuesday, March 18.

Full coverage of the match scene, plus amazing end of season catches are in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine – in shops from Tuesday, March 18.