Darren Cox, match fishing ace from Garbolino, ventured across to Ireland for the World Pairs last month. Seen below with a winning catch caught from an island during the event, Darren reveals all in this Angler's Mail blog.

WHAT a great season we’ve had this year as fishermen!

We have been so lucky with the weather for such a long period with just enough rain at the right time to freshen up the rivers and still enough warmth to keep the commercials fishing their heads off.

September and October have been really hectic for me as it is a key time for finalising the launch of all our new Garbolino products to the industry and there is a lot to be done. I did however manage to get across to Ireland for the World Pairs with my fishing partner Simon Fry.

This is a fantastic week on some of the most stunning venues I have every fished in my life and the fishing is always great. To make the trip even better this year we were joined by ‘Mr White Acres’ Clint Elliott and his partner the ‘Earl of Bolingey Lakes’ Andy Dare who were great company.

Clint knows his way round much of England...but got a bit lost in Ireland, as he's showing here!

Clint knows his way round much of England…but got a bit lost in Ireland, as he’s showing here!


Garadice Lake

Garadice Lake

The week is based around two sections in the Enniskillen area with famous sections such as the ‘Airport, Crom Castle and Killadeas’ and three around Ballinamore and Ballyconnel with Garadice lake, Brackley and Bunerky, Kiltybarden and Lough Scurr all making up the sections. Anglers were spread out so that everyone was given a chance of catching a few fish every day which is generally what happened.

On the boat to Horse island

On the boat to Horse island


To add a bit of spice to the event the organisers had put in a ‘virgin’ section on Horse Island just offshore from Killadeas near Enniskillen. There was a lot of excitement about this island as everyone believed it could throw up some big weights but come the practice match on the Sunday nobody really wanted to be there as we believed we would be feeding it for the first match on the Monday!

So what did I go and do? Draw both Simon and I on Horse Island!

Obviously nobody had a clue how it was going to fish so we set up standard feeder tactics to fish between 25-60m out. The depth was perfect to catch even on the pole but we figured it wouldn’t be an option that day as no feed had gone in.

I thought we may struggle as is often the case on first time venues so I also set up my Garbolino G System Xtra Power feeder and cast it until I found a drop off over 90m out. I clipped it up and hoped I wouldn’t need it but after an hours fishing and only a few perch being caught I decided to take the gamble and go for it.

I had ten very quick casts to get some bait out and then sat on my hands. I didn’t wait long as a 10oz hybrid soon tried to pull the rod in. Fifteen minutes later I had a 5lb bream which really got me excited and for the rest of the match I picked fish off in bursts ending up with five bream up to 5lb and around ten hybrids up to 4lb!

It’s great when a plan like that comes together as I won the island with 18.750kg see catch picture at top of blog), and that ended up winning the match on a tough day.

We also had some great banter on the day with the likes of Cathal Hughes, Tom Sexton, Stephen Leddy and many others on the boat trip to and from the island.

The whole week was great although the draw gods evaded me for the rest of the week… it’s Simon’s turn to draw next year!

If you want a good match away with a great group of anglers get booked on the World Pairs for next year, you will love it!

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