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HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! It’s my privilege to start 2013’s run of blogs here on the brilliant Angler’s Mail website, and have I got a treat for you!!

If you read by blog last week, you will have spotted that my 2012 Match Performance of the Year award went to Les Thompson. What a win, and what a guy.

I promised to share his tips, after giving you some of my own. And it was delight to get into the mind of the man himself for this blog.

Les Thompson was awarded my Performance of the Year Award last week for his £50k victory in the Maver Match This Final at Larford.

So here the F1 master gives you, Angler’s Mail fans, a few tips to help us pick up some curry money in 2013…

1. Always gather as much information as possible for your match.

Never just turn up blind to a venue – the regulars are always in tune.

2. Preparation!

80 per cent of your match is won off the bank be it in the garage or in the tackle shop. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

3. Good bait one is the most important parts of the puzzle.

Fresh bait is always a must; in the summer months on the hottest I days I will often do fresh pellets mid match!

4. Balanced tackle!

If you draw the peg you want you don’t want to be being broke or pulling out of fish because your gear is not balanced leaving you to think what might have been.

5. Have a plan.

Picture in your mind how you want your match to go and hopefully it will go that way.

6. Fish to your strengths when fishing your match.

If you’re a great pellet angler then fish them so you always try to bring the odds into your favour.

7. Keep it simple.

The less you set up invariably the more you will catch.

8. Keep an open mind.

Learning is the key you can’t win every match but you can take some more knowledge for next time away from every match.

9. Trust your own mind.

If during your match you think that something would work better. If you change it a little then do it at the time you think it, don’t hesitate because if you think it with two hours to go and it works you’re onto a winner. Wait longer and it works you end up kicking yourself. The ‘if only…’ sentence is the most used in angling!

10. The most important tip of all... Never leave feeding fish.

Even if your other lines are solid with fish keep feeding them and they will be there if your main line does slow down on you.


Well that’s a good way to start 2013 ! Thanks Les, and stick with Angler’s Mail throughout this exciting new year.

I see that the new year issue of Angler’s Mail magazine, out now and pictured below, includes a FREE WALLPLANNER so I’ll be plotting by 2013 match dates in there.

And the mag, handily, also has a cut out and keep guide to 2013’s BIG matches. Top stuff.






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