EVERY DAY we are revealing the exciting new team of bloggers lined up for this website, www.anglersmail.co.uk

Very soon (from  next Monday, July 30) we’ll be having live blogs, one a day, covering the whole spectrum for modern coarse angling.

Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to Steve Collett, who will have his own weekly blog here as part of our new online team.

He’s a rare man in angling, as a true all-rounder. He won the 2010 Division 1 National with a massive barbel haul on the Trent, but loves fishing all kinds of venues.

Steve often appears in our magazine, including appearances On Tour in our univalled Where To Fish This Weekend section.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…


Steve Collett – one of the keenest and most proficient all round anglers – will be a weekly blogger here. Follow his match, pleasure and big fish adventures…and learn a few top tips from his blogs too.


HI, my name is Stephen Collett, I am 39-years-young, and fishing mad. Be it sea fishing, match fishing, carp, fly or salmon, I love it.

I have worked in fishing, not worked in fishing, and lived in fishing ! So you could say that like you, the Angler’s Mail reader, I am pretty much consumed by all things fishing – except eating them. For some bizarre reason I don’t like the taste of fish…. strange?

Fishing has enabled me to see some amazing places, and catch some amazing species, and to this very day, I still get excited the day or week before I go. There’s the preparation, the trawling of the Angler’s Mail, and the internet to try and glean whatever information I can about my quarry, and its location, the long or short drive there with no one else on the roads, the smell of early morning. Only we as anglers know about this.

I hope that throughout these little blogs, I can portray my enthusiasm and passion for all things fishing, bring you Angler’s Mail readers up to date with what is going on in my little world, and share a few basic hints and tips along the way.

So, thanks for reading, and please pop in to my little bit of the new Angler’s Mail website, and keep up to date with my ramblings every Tuesday.

You’ll learn about my successes and failures and hopefully a few basic tutorials covering a wide range of fishing disciplines, and what I am going to be getting up to next time I am in the best weekly, Angler’s Mail.

Don’t be a stranger, and may your rods be bent double!


Check back soon for another blogger’s introduction as we gear up for a new daily blog from Monday, July 30.



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