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I HAD one more week of holiday left until I it was school again so this was the perfect opportunity to get out for two nights after carp.

The week before had seen temperatures of over 17 degrees and the days I had planned for the session were supposed to be warm as well. So I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get on the banks of one of the Tanyard specimen lakes.

Last trip of the holidays to Tanyard fishery

I arrived to see three big koi carp on Speci 2 lake. But it wasn’t until I had a really good look round all the speci lakes that I chose my swim. My brother Carl couldn’t join me for the two nights as he had college but that didn’t bother me too much as two weeks ago he had a stunning common of 19 lb!

I ended up choosing my swim on Speci 2 at the dam end as although I hadn’t seen any fish sunbathing I had seen bubbles which made me think they were on the bottom. I got my two rods out to spots where I had seen the fish bubbling. One rod went to the far bank reeds and the other to the new shoots of pads. One of the rods was on a Purple Monster Squid boilie with a few baits around it and the other was two grains of fake corn over a spread of corn.

Not surprisingly there was no action that evening until around 9 o’clock when my bite alarm went screaming off! I picked up the rod to feel three heavy bumps of a fish then ping the hook pulled! Annoyed as I was I positioned the corn rod back out and got a good night sleep, very good night sleep in fact.

No more bites but I woke up to some amazing mist that just hovered above the water like a carpet. I lay my head back down and dosed off. I heard a few bleeps. My bobbin had lifted to the top then dropped back slack, this was the rod with boilie to the bar bank.

I got out of my bivvy and looked down at the rod. The bobbin shot up and line was being pulled from the reel. I watched for a second in disbelief and hoped that when I picked the rod up there would be a heavy weight on the end…

And there was. It was a heavy plodding fish.  “Yes” I said quietly to myself. I just had to land it now!

It came quite close in until it was a couple of metres away when it shot off like no other fish I had hooked before! Line was being ripped of the spool and I had a big carp on.

It fought hard all the way in and even when netted, it tried to get away. When I had a sneak peek in the net I realised it was a carp a caught last year, in fact it was Shoulders a big mirror. I was blown away. It weighed in at 29 lb 8 oz, 12 oz smaller than the last time I caught it. I was so happy with the result!

Alex with his big catch!

I released it in the margins and let it swim back into the deep. Funnily enough it shot off, then came back and sulked in the margins for a few minutes. But I couldn’t believe my luck. It is still the only carp I have managed to catch from the lake!

I did the second night but no more action came along. Did I care? Nope, I didn’t care one bit!

We will be tench fishing this weekend, hoping for a 6lb-plus fish. Even if we don’t catch one, it will be nice to get on the bank of our local wild estate lake again.

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