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Winter carp leave me wondering!


OTHER than a short spinning session last week, I had not managed much fishing for about a month.

All week I had been looking forward to Saturday when I had planned my first carp fishing session of the winter. It was early December, when days are at their shortest and the weather often bitterly cold, however I was both hopeful and determined that I would catch a carp.


I arrived at Tanyard on Saturday morning and had a look around Speci 2 and 3. Because carp tend to shoal up in the colder months it is very important to find where the fish are, as where there’s one, there will normally be another. During my first look around the two lakes I noticed that the water on speci 3 was a lot clearer and I could see a large majority of the lake bed, whereas on speci 2 it was murky.


A cold, clear Tanyards Speci 3 lake.


After an hour of looking I hadn’t seen a single sign of a fish on speci 2 but I had seen well over 20 carp on speci 3; they were in the shallows swimming up and down in groups of threes or fours. The first thing I decided to do was to stalk with freeline corn but after dropping a bait in front of over 15 different fish I could tell it was going to be a tough session.


Maybe that was when I should have moved on to speci 2? I stuck at it on speci 3 and put out three bottom bait rods with corn and boilie to where I had seen fish and left them out for the night and the following day. I could see one of my hook baits on the bottom of the lake and spotted at least 5 fish drift right above it, not having the slightest bit of interest even in the free offerings. They just weren’t in a feeding mood, not really surprising though, as the lake had started to freeze over.

Whatever I tried, they just weren't interested...

Whatever I tried, they just weren’t interested…


I returned home from the session thinking of all the things I could have done. Try maggots, fish in the deeper water, maybe I should have fished on speci 2 where the water was more murky, a sign that the fish were feeding? Or maybe I was just not going to catch!

The only thing I can do is go back and try again. My next session is planned for just after Christmas when Carl and I will return to Tanyard, going after a big winter carp!

Tight lines everyone and keep warm!



Check out the video from our session here >>>





The new issue of Angler's Mail magazine is in shops from Tuesday, December 10. Be sure to get your copy!

The new issue of Angler’s Mail magazine is in shops from Tuesday, December 10. Be sure to get your copy!