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HOPE you all had a good week and now that its Friday you can relax! To get you in the mood for the weekend here is a little write up about our recent session on a 13 acre estate lake…

It is a strange feeling being sat in a lesson at college and knowing that in a few hours’ time you could be hooked into a big bream, tench or carp, but that is how I felt last Friday.

I took the bus home and quickly loaded our dad’s van with our spod rod, bivvys and the rest of our tackle. We regretted packing so much bait when it came to carrying our bags but we knew from previous experience that the massive shoals of bream would hoover up kilograms of spod mix in a few hours!

After tea we arrived at the lake and found a group of people already fishing our favoured swim. Luckily there was a spot near the dam which would allow us to cover a large amount of water so we set up there.

Because the light was fading fast we didn’t bother filming as we wanted to bait and clip up the rods whilst we could still see the marker float! Luckily it began to rain just after I had finished putting up the bivvy and Alex had deposited 1kilo of spod mix plus 45 boilies over the two spots.

We cooked some bacon, filmed an introduction to our video and got tucked into our sleeping bags just as the sun disappeared. Now we just had to wait for the bait to do its work!

At around midnight Alex’s alarm sounded and woke us both up, instantly Alex jumped from his bedchair and almost landed next to hid rod! He lifted the rod and felt a gently knocking, ‘it’s definitely a fish’ he exclaimed as it began to pull a little line. Once in the net we realised it was a reasonable tench, not the biggest we have caught from the venue but at over 5lb it was a good fish to catch!

Later that night Alex had a slightly smaller tinca once again from the shallow margin to the left of our swim. The tench were both caught on snowman rigs and sweet smelling boilies.


Alex with his 5lb tench


The next day, and after deciding to switch my two rods from artificial maggots to corn, I had a run on my rod in open water.

What originally felt like a big fish gradually felt smaller until it reached the net when I realised I had a carp but it had swam towards me! It was a dark, old fish which appeared to be one of the original carp rather than one of the recently stocked fish.

It finally decided to wriggle around once I tried to get a picture but my brother got this snap in-between the fish flipping water everywhere and me pulling funny faces.


Carl and a nice mirror


Carl’s bream

That evening I managed another bite which resulted in a bream, but not a slimy little skimmer!

Disappointingly no more fish followed the bream, even though bream are a shoal species I think perhaps catching one of them spooked the others.

Come the evening we were spotting so many fish topping, jumping and rolling. Many of which were bream, but we were surprised by the number of carp crashing, well casting distance though.

In the night Alex caught the last fish of the session, an absolutely perfect mirror. The capture of this fish made Alex certain that he would definitely use the sweet boilies again as they had done the business on this trip when only one other carp had come out over the lake between five other anglers.


Sweet boilies a hit for Alex


We packed up on Sunday morning, the beautiful sun and gentle breeze dried out our bivvys and defrosted our net. We were desperate to stay another night but college and school beckoned so we packed away.

We had learned on this trip that the tench love boilies and the margins and in future we will return to hunt out the bigger carp and tench from the other swims on the lake.

Thanks for reading our Friday blog, check back next week to see another one!

Tight lines,


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