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WE HAD spent weeks planning our trip to the Wye in detail; we knew what we were going to fish for each day. However the fishing wasn’t going as well as we thought it might.

The whole of the first day we fished with big feeders, halibut pellets on the hook but all that came along were two small chub.

Alex’s first grayling was a welcome arrival

We woke up early on our second morning, excited as we were meeting up with Dr Paul Garner for a day of chub fishing. Unfortunately not one chub came along to our maggots!

We had been filling up our maggot feeders and casting out every ten minutes or so. We had tried swim after swim. It was when we arrived at one of the last swims on our stretch, third cast and  something took my maggots on the drop.

I thought it was a chub until I saw a massive dorsal fin gliding through the clear water! It was my first grayling at 1lb 7oz! I was super happy. Sadly no more fish came along but we certainly had learnt a lot from Paul.

The next morning, with the sun shining, we went for a six-mile walk to a village in the next valley where we had tea and toasted tea cakes. On our return we decided we would fish maggot feeder in one of the swims where we hadn’t yet caught from. Annoyingly it was the furthest swim to walk to, but we were travelling light with just a rucksack, a net and the rods.

We placed the bank sticks into the ground and filled up the feeder; we did the same with the other rod. About three minutes in and the rod downstream was knocking. I brought it in and as I was unhooking it the other rod started to go round. I let the fish rest in the net while I struck into the other one. I felt a fish on the end, it was another chub of about 1lb. I held them both up for a couple of photos and then released them into the river. It was the most action we had had so far!


Two for the price of one! Alex, with his double brace of chub.

I recast and soon after I had a brown trout of about a pound including the big fish that it had tried to eat earlier that day!  As I went to unhook it I found a fish of about 4 inches long in its mouth. It did look quite funny!

Carl & Alex are hoping to land a barbel fishing on the Wye in the coming days.

Another small chub came along. I think the warm night had turned the fish on to feed.

Soon after I thought it was time to reel in. I picked up the rod and there was a fish on. It put up a brilliant fight but as it came to the surface I realised I had caught another grayling. I was really excited, I placed it on the mat and unhooked it.

Grayling are really tough on the bank but we managed a few photos and watched it go back! By this time it was almost dark and time to return to the cottage for dinner.

The fishing had definitely improved but we still wanted a Wye barbel. On Wednesday we popped into Woody’s Tackle Shop in Hereford to get some advice.

Woody told us of some hotspots and explained that the fish migrate to different parts of the river when the weather gets cold in the autumn and that’s why we hadn’t been getting any bites from the dace.

We are hoping that in the next few days we will try out some of the places that Woody recommended and hopefully we will catch the barbel that we are after.

Look out for the next blog to find out whether we were successful or not!


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