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These super keen youngsters have a passion for making a variety of fishing videos, and provide a youth dimension to our new blogging mix.

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IT WAS Thursday evening when Alex started getting excited about the weather forecast. But then again, he was ready for snow last weekend too but that came to nothing. This weekend however was all together different, and I was determined to brave the weather in search of chub.

Friday morning arrived and I clambered out of bed and switched on my computer. The college website said they were open; my heart sank as I threw together my bits and pieces. As I ate my breakfast a glance towards the window lifted my spirits, everything was turning white! Heavy snow was whirling past the glass, laying thick and deep on the patio.

By the time I was ready to leave mum called me saying that my train had been cancelled and the buses were running a restricted service, so there was no chance of me getting to college. ‘Oh that’s a shame,’ I replied. Inside however I was jumping for joy because that meant I could go to the river!

A quick call to my friend Michael concluded that we would fish together, but first we would have to get to the river!  My mum said that she would drive us both, but half way up the first hill we saw cars sliding all over the place. One vehicle had crashed and the driver was waiting for the recovery vehicle. Mum and I agreed that this was not a safe route so we made our way to Michael’s house via the main roads.

Once we were at Michael’s we decided to walk the rest of the way, simply because the roads were too dangerous. Mum sent me a text when she got home saying that she had passed another collision. We were both glad she was safe at home, whilst we had just begun our adventure!

A white canvas for Carl and Michael

The walk to the river was a very long one, with both Michael and I slipping over a few times! I was absolutely shattered by the time we trudged across the last field by the river. Carrying your gear and filming equipment through forest and fields is hard work, even more so with deep snow slowing you down.


The river looked perfect, the crisp, clean layer of snow coating every branch, leaf and stone. I saw a robin sitting cozily on a branch surrounded by ivy leaves, and a blackbird sifting through the snow to try and find food. I helped the poor thing out by giving it a couple of juicy maggots, almost sensing its appreciation.

Michael and I fished together for a while but we decided that our chances would be greatly increased if we were to split up and cover more water. I fished a deep bend in the river, but only had one minute tap on the rod tip.

A couple of hours later, we were approaching breaking point, hands so cold we could not move them, flurries of snow blowing in our faces and not a single fish would feed.

Michael decided to pack down his rod and whilst he was doing so, I returned and flicked out a feeder to a fast but deep run. The tip was as motionless as ever until out of the blue it juddered, ‘Michael!’ I called out, ‘I just had a bite!’ I turned back to see it forming an arc dipping into the water.

At this moment in time there was nowhere I wanted to be more, rod knocking and clutch ticking. I felt fantastic!  I eased the chub into my net, which defrosted as it touched the water’s surface.

The chub’s scales had turned a silvery bronze colour in the clear water, and as I gently lifted it for the camera I could not have been any happier. Michael did a super job with the photos and then I allowed it to swim away.

A rewarding chub for a cold day’s session

Michael and I walked home and in fact, the exercise warmed us up a little! We talked about our plans for fishing in the summer and it was dark by the time I reached home.

I must thank Michael for joining me on this ridiculous session, he is just as mad as me!









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