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WELCOME to our Friday blog. Every Friday we hand over to Carl and Alex Smith – known online as simply Carl & Alex.

These super keen youngsters have a passion for making a variety of fishing videos, and provide a youth dimension to our new blogging mix.

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THIS weekend I decided to pop down to my local fishery, Tanyard, in an attempt to catch a pike. Here’s how I got on.

On arrival I looked for signs of fleeing roach, as if you notice small fish jumping, it is often because a predator is chasing them.

I didn’t notice any pike action so set up in a channel between the island and my near bank. I guessed that fish must pass through this gap when travelling between either half of the lake.

Carl headed to local fishery Tanyard, a regular haunt, in search of pike.

I sat with motionless floats for two hours before I decided to change things a little. I switched one bait to a smelt rather than a sprat and also shallowed both rigs slightly so that the gentle breeze would cause the deadbaits to drift slowly through the channel.

Soon after ringing the changes, one of my floats plunged under before popping back up and sliding away from me. I gave it a foot of line, checked my clutch and struck into the unseen predator.

When Carl was hoping the fish were biting, this wasn’t what he had in mind.

The rod tip smacked over again and again but often vigorous head shakes emanate from smaller pike. After a proper tussle, resulting in the pike jumping out a number of times, the fish was drawn into my waiting net. Not bad I thought!

On the mat, I gently prized open its toothy mouth and just as I was about to twist out the hooks, it flipped over and somehow my hand ended up in its mouth!

Once I had released it I soon found myself playing another fish, this time slightly smaller.

One thing I learnt was to make sure I struck early because it is better to lose the odd fish than deep hook a pike and cause it harm. I like to hit the bites as soon as I have checked the clutch and reeled down to the float.


Carl goes home happy having netted this lovely pike

It was a fun short session in the end. Hope everyone catches loads this year!




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