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THIS week we took a break from hunting specimens and returned to our match fishing roots.

Before we started making videos seriously, we mainly fished matches at our club, Crowborough and District Angling Association. These matches are specifically organised for the juniors in the club so are held on waters with mostly silverfish stocks. Over a period of several years, Alex and I caught many fish in these matches but somehow Alex nearly always managed to beat me and in fact won the junior trophy in our last season.

Having had a whole year of fishing no matches and picking up a pole only once or twice, we were invited to fish the last match of the season, the Junior and Senior Match. My first thought was, “How are we going to fish?” I decided to concentrate on the whip hoping to catch lots of small roach, but Alex thought that pellets and paste would be worth a try for the bigger fish.

We arrived at the venue and drew our partners. I was with Dave who had won this match three years previously with Alex, and Alex was with John, (a bit of a local expert) so he and I were happy, not just because we were fishing alongside experienced anglers but because they were both friendly and very helpful.

Roger, the match organiser, blew the horn and we all shipped out our poles. Apart from me that is. I still had not tied up my whip rig! I had not had any time to prepare the day before so I had to tie up my rigs on the day. Not recommended!

Roughly 15 minutes into the match I eventually flicked our my rig but because I had been throwing out pinches of maggots to my spot since the match had started, I was getting bites straight away! These bites were quite hard to hit because the fish were taking it on the drop. I shallowed up a little and I started getting more positive bites.

My first fish arrived, it was a tiny roach. Then another, and another, and another. I was catching and feeding on every cast.

My partner John also swung in a handful of small roach but I was a bit worried because Alex had just landed a good Crucian on the opposite bank.

It was fish a chuck for a little while, but then I lost a slightly bigger roach. As the rig pinged out of the water it bunched up and caused a nasty tangle.

The brotherly rivalry held strong as Alex and John ran Carl close to getting their hands on the top prize.

Whilst I was setting up a new rig, Dave hooked a much better fish. It was pulling metres of elastic! He called over to me to look and I turned to see him holding a great tench. He placed it gently into the keepnet and shipped his pole back out.

From then on the fishing just got harder and harder. The roach I had been catching disappeared. Dave started a new pole line with only a small skimmer as the result. During this time, I noticed that Alex had caught another Crucian and his partner John was catching roach consistently, not that I’m competitive!

For the remainder of the match everyone struggled for bites, to the point where we were waiting half an hour for a bite, which when it came I always seemed to miss!

After 3 hours Roger blew the horn to signal the all out. I was unsure how Dave and I had done; did we have a chance against Alex and his partner?

The award returs home to the Carl & Alex household for another year!

As we went round the lake weighing everyone’s captures I thought that we might be in luck. And as it turned out, we had won the match.

Unbelievably our total weight was one ounce more than Alex and John’s.

Surprisingly, Alex took losing to his big brother quite well; he is maturing at long last.

So I had succeeded in bringing the trophy home for the second year in a row, here’s to next year!

After the weigh in, we all enjoyed hot dogs and burgers thanks to Roger and his wife. Later, Dave and I were awarded the trophy. It had been a very enjoyable match and I’m sure all of the juniors learnt an awful lot from their adult partners.

The pole and whip fishing had reminded me of when we used to fish matches all the time, we would never have been found using boilies or carp rods! As a result I have decided to try and organise a bit of pole fishing on our local river which should be fun!

Tight lines to all of you match fishermen, pleasure anglers or those after specimens! We’ll be back here next week, and we’ll have a new video for you too.

>>> VIDEO ALERT!! If you want to see more of the lads’ videos for free, now, just browse the Carl & Alex channel in this website’s new TV player.


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