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Pole fishing, first time in ages!

WHILE having a recent clean-out of our fishing shed I found our 12m pole along with a few top kits.

They looked quite sad, not having seen any daylight for at least a year. Finding them had enthused me to go pole fishing again and so I went along to our local tackle shop where I bought elastic, pole floats and a few other bits and bobs. Next I organised a trip to Tanyard for carp and bream on the pole on coarse pool 2.


Alex dusts off his old poles for a session

Carl and I arrived early afternoon on a very windy day. While unloading the car I noticed bubbles, swirling water and fish crashing in the shallow water next to coarse pool 3. It soon became obvious where I would set up! I had three top kits set up, two with 12 elastic set relatively light for the skimmers and bream, but not too light in-case a big carp zoomed off when hooked, and the other with a cup on the end.

I started the session by plumbing up, finding out that it was only a foot to two feet deep. There were so obviously carp there by the amount of bubbles. I decided to use 4×12 pole floats which take only a few number 8 shot and I knew my bait would be on the bottom quickly as the water was very shallow. I would fish about an inch over depth as it was quite windy.

I chose two spots, one in open water and the other next to a bush where I would expect the carp to be later on. I then baited by cupping in two big balls of ground bait into both spots, along with some corn and pellets for the fish to grub around for.

Pole fishing success for Alex

Pole fishing success for Alex

I waited five minutes then shipped out to the open water spot with a hookable pellet on a size 16 hook and a few pellets in the cad pot. The rig was lowered in and fizzing started around my float. The float slid away and I lifted into a perfect small skimmer. I was very happy to have my elastic stretched again! I shipped out again and lowered in the rig. This time the float went, I lifted and the elastic went streaming out the pole. After a long fight I had the carp on the bank, a lovely mirror on the second ship out.

I decided to have a look on the line that I had baited to the bush in the water. After three put ins I had caught three flying bream that launched themselves out the water when hooked. I don’t know why they do this but I thought it was pretty impressive! I tried again and again on the pole line to the bush but there was to be no carp. However, the line in open water was fizzing and after a few more hours I had caught a number of carp ranging from about 2lb to 5lb.

I had completely forgotten how fun pole fishing can be! It is so accurate and hitting bites is easier. Nearing the end of the session when the wind really picked up, I made a change to the Method feeder with groundbait and a banded pellet. I clipped up to the far bank and put in a few feeder fulls of groundbait. On the fourth cast the rod tip wacked round and a hard fighting carp came slowly to the net. I had a few more carp and bream on the feeder but the weather was getting worse and it was time to go home.

As I packed up I knew that I wanted to do more pole fishing again.




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