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These super keen youngsters have a passion for making a variety of fishing videos, and provide a youth dimension to our new blogging mix.

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Last weekend we organised a visit to The Kent Angling Show near Maidstone on Sunday and also sorted out a session for pike on Saturday. The show was great but the pike fishing was a little disappointing…

My new angling friend, Tom, arrived at my house at 8.00am. I squeezed my gear into the back of his car and off we went. You may have noticed that I called Tom my new ‘angling friend’. That is because I have two types of friend; normal friend, i.e. from college, a sport’s club or someone who lives nearby, or angling friend, a fishing buddy who I fish with. But no, my angling friends are more than just someone who can fish with me, they are who I discuss tactics with and come up with pre-baiting plans, share bait with, talk rigs with and more.

Tom and I arrived at the lower Sussex Ouse and fished a weirpool first. The fishing was very slow all through the day but we stayed strong and kept trying new spots with lures, spinners and deadbaits. In the end we decided to move to a stretch of the Uck in Uckfield. After a couple of hours watching my float drift around the weirpool, it bobbed and started sliding away. I felt the weight of the fish. I swung my rod back, the fish shook its head and seconds later it had gone, taking my dead bait with it!


This was an encouraging start but the rest of the day continued to be tricky. We ended up heading home with a dry net. We both reckoned that the water was too coloured and that could be why it was so tough. However, you never know what’s going on beneath the surface, until now… (more on that later).


One of the three tent floors at the Kent Angling Show

On Sunday morning we woke up early. Mum was going to visit relatives in Chatham and on her way would drop us off at the Kent Angling Show. Fantastic, that was sure to cheer me up after my big fat blank the day before!

On arriving at the show, our first impression was that it was a little smaller than we had expected. However, we soon realised that we were stood in just one of the three huge tents. First of all we walked around to see if we could spot some good deals or people that would be interesting to talk to. There were many tackle dealers with stands ranging from small to absolutely huge! Alex and I particularly enjoyed visiting the individual tackle company stands where they display their best tackle at reasonable prices. Our favourite stands were probably the Bait-Zone (smelt incredible and had a huge range of prepared particles), the Barbel Society, who had the great Steve Pope with who we talked for ages about the current state of barbel fishing, the aims of the society and much more. We were also impressed by the Nash Tackle stand where they displayed all their latest releases such as the Scope Range, Peg One Rods and Nets and Kevin Nash’s book, Memoirs of a Carp Fisher.

We spent some time outside with Alfie Russell who helped me to cast a little further, improving my casting technique. I’ve never been one to do things the normal way but in this case Alfie’s casting tips helped me chuck the surface missile float over 100 yards. Lastly we had a good long talk with Paul Garner about our plans to do some more filming together and also about his newly released book, Underwater Angling, which we then bought and am about to read ­­­­­­once I have finished writing this blog!


Carl is now a proud member of the barbel society

So to summarize, I decided to join The Barbel Society, realised what a gentleman Steve Pope is, bought Paul’s book, cast further, and decided that I want a couple of Scope Rods for Xmas!


Tight lines guys and girls.














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