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Planning and dreaming

I DON’T know if it is just me, but the week before a fishing session is full of planning and thinking about the trip to come.

It is almost as if I spend more time dreaming about the fishing outing than I actually spend doing the angling!

This week for example, I have been planning my session on a little weirpool that I have not fished for ages. Two seasons ago I enjoyed a session here with a friend of mine and caught bream and pike. It is a tiny little pool beneath a large lake. I have always found that small pools beneath large lakes often hold masses of quality fish! It may be due to fish escaping and tumbling into the pool, eggs being washed downstream or perhaps the fact that plenty of natural food is washed down from the lake keeping the fish below healthy.

Memories of a big bream for Alex

Memories of a big bream for Alex

Anyway, I have been wanting to head back to this pool for over a year now but have been too busy. However, as I worked last weekend I can take a couple of days off in lieu so I will definitely be heading to the river soon! I have been planning the route I am going to take on my bike, thinking about what tackle I can tie to my bike and fit in my rucksack, and even working out my baiting approach and what areas of the pool I am going to target!

I have come to the conclusion that float fishing is not really worth it, there is not enough length to the pool to make trotting worthwhile. But a small groundbait or maggot feeder should be perfect as I can cast it into a hotspot and leave it there.

In reality, all my plans will probably be messed up or changed due to weather conditions, other commitments or even something completely unexpected. You can plan and prepare for a session as much as you like but on the day there are so many variables that mean things will never pan out as expected!

Anyway, I am going to get my kit prepared for Monday and in the meantime, why not watch this video where Alex fishes match tactics for the first time in ages; watch out for the flying bream!










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