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Patience and Perseverance Pays Off!


MANY of you have probably already started your pike fishing campaign by now and we are no exception. Carl started a couple of weeks ago with much success, so our friend Tom Aldous and I chose to join him last weekend. We didn’t want to choose a hard lake, we just wanted to catch!

We had planned to fish at the Tanyard Speci Lake 1 which has a good head of pike, not their biggest fish but pike that were catchable. Carl had caught six pike the week before when the weather had been warmer but there had been a hard frost and the lake had frozen over during the night, so we weren’t expecting anything spectacular.


Rods out in the freezing rain at Tanyard

We had brought sprats, smelt and earlier had caught a few livebaits to try, along with some stinking glug to cover our hook bait in as the water was a bit murky. We were using float rigs with a slideable float to set the depth, an egg sinker and a strong trace. We started off by trying the deadbaits but neither the smelt or sprat proved to be successful. All of us started to lose confidence so we tried some spinning and lure fishing, but not a touch.

After five hours of not catching in winter you start to get very cold! All of our fingers and toes were freezing but we were determined to catch. We decided to put out a livebait on each rod and sit it out while we attempted to get warm inside the day shelter. About 20 minutes later we had a phone call from mum to say she would be there in half an hour and that we had to start packing up.

And guess what! It was then that we had a take, over five hours after we had started our mission!

Worth the wait – Tom with his pike!

All of us were really excited as we saw the pike float whizz just underneath the surface. Tom walked to the rod and reeled down to the fish, a pike was on! Even though it was small it gave a brilliant fight and swam extremely fast in the water. After a few attempts of trying to slip the net under it, we eventually managed as it thrashed around. We brought it to the mat and took some nice photos. It was hooked perfectly and the barbless hook came out fine.

Well done Tom, you deserved it especially after travelling two hours to get here on a cold, frosty morning. It certainly proves that perseverance and patience pays off in the end.


Tight lines!




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