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LAST Thursday we travelled to Tanyard Fishery in the hope that we could sneak out a carp in the cold. I ended up catching a little more than I bargained for…

Casting into the bay

Alex had been wanting to do another carping trip ever since his 18lb mirror he stalked back in February, but I had been less keen due to the very low temperatures! We were encouraged though by a good forecast with the wind coming from the South, time for the fish to start feeding we thought!

Depressingly though, on arrival at the venue we were met by sleet and snow blowing into our faces as we picked our swims. When walking around trying to find somewhere to set up for the session, we noticed a couple of swirls in a very shallow margin. A tail almost broke the surface as a fish fed within a foot of the bank, it was definitely too good an opportunity to miss, so I fed five crushed boilies and walked back to get the rod.

I spent around an hour sat in a blizzard trying to tempt a carp to pick up my bait in that margin. but nothing was showing anymore so we travelled further down the bank and put up our bivvies.

The first night was still and the sky was clear; I received a couple of tiny indications around midnight but upon lifting the rod, the rig was hopelessly snagged. I think a fish had done this, but there was nothing on when I reeled in.

Midday on day two of our session and after seeing nothing at all, we walked through all the fishery keeping our eyes open for signs of feeding carp. There was nothing to be seen until we reached Spec 1 lake. Bright sunlight was cast across the surface of the shallow bay and a number of fish were cruising around. Alex spotted a few light commons and we instantly decided to make a move.

Carrying all our carp gear right up from Speci 3 to Spec 1 took quite a while but it was not long before we had settled into our new swim and lowered a rig into the bay where the commons had seemingly moved lower in the water. I was just sitting down to eat a packet of crisps when my rod tip bent right round and the alarm wailed!

To say that I got to test my new Dwarf rod to the limit would be an understatement, with the fish pulling plenty of line and heading almost into the next swim along. Alex filmed as I netted a long lean common, looking near to 20lb!

Carl with an impressive carp

On the mat, we spent more time just looking at it than filming as we were both amazed by its colour and lack of imperfections. I was super happy and as I released it I realised why we had bothered to come out in such ludicrous weather.

The last day was much warmer than the previous but the strain of very little sleep over the last two nights had taken its toll. I was feeling weak and knew for sure that I was coming down with something. Luckily it was the end of our trip and we packed away our gear.

As I write this from our holiday cottage in Norfolk I am weary, coughing and generally feeling awful, I think perhaps I caught more than I expected on that cold carp fishing session!

Have a great week everyone and this new yellow thing I see in the sky might make your next fishing trip a rather good one!

Tight lines,

Alex’s artist coffering



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