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You’ve got to laugh

 I MAY be speaking out of turn, and besides I’m just a kid, but in my eyes anglers in general need to lighten up. I know it is a sweeping statement but I have my reasons, which I will go into more detail in the next few paragraphs.

Before I found Crowborough and District Angling Association, I was worried and scared about contacting a club to ask about joining.

This was due to my experiences with another club. My interactions with them have not been pleasant to say the least but I will go into more detail regarding that in another blog.

What I am getting at, is that the anglers I had met previous to the guys at Crowborough, had been the typical, angry, bad tempered and when you approach them to chat you get a grunt at best.

Even worse if you ‘spook their fish’ by walking past on the path you get a mouthful of appalling language!

It was these anglers we were first greeted by when we attempted to fish our local club waters. Many young people who become interested in fishing may also be put off by the miserable and sometimes rude tackle shop owner.

On the contrary, if that same aspiring young angler walked into some of the tackle shops I know, namely Woody’s in Hereford or Sandra’s in Crowborough, he or she would be greeted politely, helped to choose what tackle suited them, given advice….. and then…. bingo! The tackle shop has a new customer, the child has a new (fantastic) hobby and everyone is happy!

As well as these helpful and friendly tackle shop owners, we have met many lovely anglers during our time fishing. From Paul Garner and Alan Blair to a bunch of anglers we met in the summer on our local lakes, some people really are great to spend time with. So although much of this blog is telling people to lighten up, there are some people who are true greats, and are a credit to our sport.

Alan Blair, one of the good guys

However it is not just on the bank or in tackle shops that people should chill out and smile more, it is online.

Perhaps the largest number of unnecessary arguments happen on fishing forums and are conducted by people affectionately named ‘keyboard warriors’ those who see a picture of a big fish and rather than congratulate the captor, they simply slag them off, accuse them of lying about the weight, tell them they are a ‘noddy’ because they are ‘using a cheap rod’ and tonnes of other inappropriate comments.

It is those people who hide behind the computer screen, whilst criticising others and bigging up themselves that are the worst.

Alex and I have had large numbers of comments, saying things like, ‘you guys are s*** get some proper reels’ or ‘waaaay, those two kids know nothing about carping‘.

These comments tend not to bother us because anyone who puts together a sentence like ‘no jks u gys r so c*** cos u us swetcon as b8. Onley propa anglors lyk me and my m8s us bolies an wak owt al da carp‘ is simply there to be ignored.

But what does worry us slightly is the number of people who are so desperate to put others down and get all hyped up about insignificant things. People such as the gentleman who told us that ‘in ur quest for a 20 the fish Alex had was not a 30 cos you were holding the scales wrong. U just wanted people 2 think you were a good angler when ur not, ur just lucky’.

I did not even reply to that comment! Why would this guy feel so strongly about Alex’s capture that he would say those degrading things?

I can explain it in one word. Jealousy. I found out recently that the man who left the comment was indeed one of the regulars, so he will have known that Shoulders is a well-known 30lb carp and was caught soon after at 31lb 4oz!

Crazy Alex will fish whenever!

Back to the underlying message behind this blog, anglers in general (not all) but a fair number need to be more positive. They should be happy for others when they succeed and help beginners rather than try and put them off.

I would however like to say just how happy I am that I can make a difference (albeit a small difference). Due to the oddly high popularity of my brother and I’s fishing videos, we can share the good, positive vibes with other anglers and are already having a fantastic response.

‘I love your vids lads, it reminds me of being a kid and getting really excited about catching my first pike’ and another ‘well-made video boys. I love watching Alex grinning at the camera when he finally catches and Carl being genuinely happy for him!’

These are the comments which bring warmth to my heart and make me realise that us anglers have got something wonderful to enjoy and that we should all enjoy it together without the senseless bickering and jealousy.

Finally, I would like to let anyone reading this know that our YouTube Channel was deleted without warning by Google, not to be disheartened we have created a new one with a promise of more fish, more action and more FUN! Check out this hopefully inspiring little video to learn more…





Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

Small, but worth it!

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