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ALTHOUGH it’s good to be serious when fishing, working all the time for a bite and always trying to think of how to catch a fish, there are times when it’s just great to enjoy a session out with some mates.

I arrived at Tanyard and chose to fish on Speci 3, not because there were loads of fish showing, but because there was plenty of space along the bank for my two mates who were arriving later on that day.

I set up and put out a few rods in the hope of a fish. Nothing came along except for my friend Kamil! It was instantly a more enjoyable session being with someone.

Later on Ryan arrived and later still, Carl. We all set up our rods and bivvies and ate some food together. That evening we went to bed very excited that a carp might come along!

And nope, it didn’t, however it had been an enjoyable overnight session with some good friends.

Ryan soon had to go home but Kamil was staying on with us to see if he could catch one! We decided that now that the point on Speci 1 was free there would be lots of space for us to set up. We were feeling confident as there were plenty of bubbles and swirls around the lake.

Kamil placed his rods to the small leaf lily pads and to the snags to his left, while I fished near the aerator. We thoroughly enjoyed the daytime fishing when the fish were on the top and we could see them. In fact Carl managed to catch a few when the heat was at its peak on stalking tactics.

But now the sun was beginning to go down, wouldn’t it just complete the session if we could all catch. We just had to wait and see what the night would bring.

At about 11 o’clock I was woken with Kamil shouting over to me that he had one but I was still terribly tired and fell back to sleep without even knowing what was going on. Once it was in the net Carl came over and properly woke me up!

It was a stunning carp and I was so pleased for Kamil. We took some pictures and returned to our bedchairs; we slept well knowing that our friend had caught.

Kamil with a nice carp

Kamil with a nice carp

I was then woken at 4 in the morning by a screaming run which got me out of bed very quickly! I had hooked a decent fish which instantly got me into the pads and sadly came off. Oh well, I will just have to try again.

Morning came and we cooked some sausages to celebrate the stunning linear that was caught that night. It was while we were cooking that my rod ripped off!

I ran over to the rod which was sacking round and picked it up and felt a god fish on the end, I slowly drew it out of the pads and into open water where the fish was soon netted. I hadn’t appreciated the size until it was on the mat! It was a 20-pounder. I was very happy.

Alex happy with a 20lber

Alex happy with a 20lber

And soon followed another fish of 17lb! Now we were all made up. A fish each!

Carl makes it a full house

Carl makes it a full house

An enjoyable session on the bank with our friends and managing to catch some bonus fish!

Why don’t you go out fishing with friends? I have found it’s a lot more enjoyable than sitting in a chair all day on your own with no one to talk to!




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