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These super keen youngsters have a passion for making a variety of fishing videos, and provide a youth dimension to our new blogging mix.

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LAST week Alex wrote about a fun session we had with our friend Tom. This week Alex has not been around to fish with me so I spent several hours on both Saturday and Sunday by the water on my own. However, it did not prevent me from enjoying myself! Read on to find out what I targeted, how I fished and also to see a funny video.

On Saturday I was shattered so did not wake up until about 10am. Once I had fully emerged from my slumber, I placed my minimal amount of gear in the car. Having scrounged a lift to our local river, I strolled downstream to my favourite swim.

First cast, nothing. I switched to maggots on the hook and some breadcrumb in a small cadge feeder. That spurred the fish into feeding mode and my quiver tip burst into life. So on the second cast of the day, I had a small chub. Here we go or so I thought!

My joy was to be short-lived as the next hour was very slow. I did begin to start getting bites and along came another fish, this time a dace. Shortly after a gudgeon followed, and I was amazed by the fish’s colours. I have a slightly odd love for gudgeon, I think it might have something to do with their cute little faces!

The bigger chub failed to materialise but I still went home with a smile on my face, oh and a cold foot. Watch the video to find out why!





Carl and his bounty

Sunday morning came and I had still not managed to decide where I should fish and what for. Having finished my breakfast an idea popped into my head.

I remembered Steve, the bailiff at Tanyard Fishery, telling me about the vast quantities of big roach being caught from the carp-free pool. I subsequently gathered together my pole tackle, left over maggots and a few other bits and bobs.

On arrival at the venue Steve explained roughly where the roach had been caught so that was to be my home until dusk.

The clouds gradually departed, leaving a bright sun glaring down upon the water. Hmm, not good, roach hate bright sunlight. I comforted myself by saying that because of the relatively murky water the fish would still feed.

After around an hour my friend Matthew phoned, I had to tell him that all I had to report was one small roach. He mentioned that come 3pm the fish would bound to feed and sure enough at around 2.30 the action started hotting up. First a couple of 2-3lb bream, then another small roach. And by 3.30 I had a netful!

I was feeding Bait-Tech Mojo groundbait bulked out with some liquidised bread in little balls via a pole pot, but also keeping a stream of maggots and hemp descending through the water column.

Towards the end of the session the roach I was catching increased in size, finishing up with a number of 1lb+ samples.


Steve came over and helped me out with the photos of my catch. My thanks go to him for that and for allowing me to use a keepnet to display what is possible when roach fishing at Tanyard. I watched as my net of quality roach and bream slowly swam off into the chilly water. What a super short session.


Carl’s hard work pays off with a full net of roach & bream


Next week we are probably going to be piking again and if all goes to plan it will be on a stretch of the Hampshire Avon. I can’t wait!





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