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AT the end of our half-term holiday we stayed in a Travelodge near Winchester for the weekend. It was a great place for our family to go as there were lots of things to occupy our mum and dad while we fished the stunning River Itchen.

We were lucky to have our friends, Tom and Henry, to guide us for the day and show us the best spots. They live in Winchester and know the river well.

Our aim for the day was a decent grayling. The first spot we tried was in the middle of town where the water was very fast. All we managed to find there were trout and so we moved on.

We noticed that the amount of minnows in the river was amazing. We tried lots of different parts of the river, trotting with a small loafer float, but all we had were salmon parr and minnows. After about an hour’s walk we came to a small weirpool which looked like our best bet.

Carl gets into the groove of trotting the weirpool.

Carl netted the first grayling of the day

Carl hooked on two maggots onto his size 18 and flicked the rig out into the flow and let it drift down the pool.

Just as it was coming back on itself the float went under. A strike was needed to set the hook and Carl was playing the first grayling of the day.

Even though it was only about 8oz they still are very strong fish as they have to cope with fast flowing water. What a stunning fish it was with a massive dorsal fin.

We thought there would be more fish in the swim so we stayed there for a while.

Both Carl and I had grayling, however the highlight was Carl’s 1lb grayling that put up an awesome scrap on the light rod and centrepin.


Alex soon followed Carl’s success and landed a grayling of his own.

The centrepin is a terrific reel to use for trotting as when the float drifts downstream the ‘pin just turns and lets the float trot down. But do remember to mend your line – with a flick of your rod you lift all the line off the surface and straighten it. Doing this will stop your line pulling your float off course.

By late afternoon we were coming to the end of our session on the Itchen. Both Carl and I had had a great time as we don’t often fish chalkstreams. In total we had  seven grayling, a few trout and loads of salmon parr!

A pretty successful session all round.

We would like to thank Tom and Henry for showing us the best spots and our mum and dad for driving us (get a move on with your driving lessons Carl)!


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