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LAST week we wanted to get out on the bank and do some more match-style fishing so we planned to go to the carp free pool at Tanyards and fish the Method feeder, mainly for bream. The weather was not very nice at all with heavy sleet and snow and the temperature was just 2 degrees.

The rig was ever so simple with just a 15 gram Preston flatbed method feeder down to a Korum quick change bead, then a 3″ hook length with a size 16 fine wire hook which we had tied on with a half blood knot.

Maggots and corn hookbaits

The groundbait we were using was the Bait-Tech super method mix which won’t fill the fish up quickly compared to softened pellets. We had brought along some dead red maggots and some plain yellow corn as hookbaits, and set up under the brolly …soon ready to cast out.

First catch of the day, a lovely looking koi .

I was casting to the dead reeds by the island and it was only the second cast when I had a good fish on. It felt too big for a bream.

I then remembered there were a few koi carp in the lake…. and, yes, that’s what I had latched into! It was a stunning orange koi.

Very surprising on such a cold miserable day and the fact of catching it on the carp-free lake!

In quick succession I added two bream of about 2lb apiece, all on maggots.

Goldfish – on the Method!

The session was made even more surprising when next the fish I had hooked came to the surface in the shape and was colour of a goldfish! It was bright red with a bit of white. Now I was excited!

When I held it up for the photos I realised how wide the fish was and how colourful it was.

And to make the session even more vibrant a white koi came a long on the maggots; once again, a stunning fish.

We made sure we took loads of pictures as it is not often you catch two koi and a goldfish in one session! You can see the pictures of the two most stunning fish, in full, in next week’s Angler’s Mail magazine (on sale from Tuesday, April 9).

It had certainly been an extraordinary session fishing the method feeder and had proved its brilliance!

Another koi to round off the session!

Watch the video we made about the session here:





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