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HELLO EVERYONE, it’s Friday again and in the same way that Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year, Fridays have got to be the best day of the week!

Getting all your gear ready and imagining what you might catch at the weekend can be just as good as what actually ends up happening, which in my case is normally a blank and way too much rain!

Thankfully this week I have already had a bit of success which takes the pressure off me for the weekend…

New friends in new locations.. but do take extra care if you try this. In fact, unless you are strong swimmer and the lake water is very shallow, do not even think about it.

Two of my new friends, Tahnee and Ollie, had invited me to fish a small, shallow and rather weedy estate lake. They reckoned there were a good number of common carp, a scattering of mirrors and masses of rudd.

I did not have high hopes whilst I was sat on the train; it was pouring with rain and very windy. Trudging through long damp grass, my legs were soon soaking wet but I was nearly at the lake.

An early carp catch

My first glimpse of the lake was a glorious one, lilies reaching out along the margins, the slightly coloured water fringed by lush green reeds and irises. ‘Wow,’ I said quietly to myself, ‘this place is incredible!’

Slowly I crept around the margins of the entire lake, desperate to spot some of its residents. A heron must have seen me as it lifted off, gliding across the water until it came to rest on the far bank.

I unzipped my rod bag and tied a size 10 wide gape hook to the end of my 8lb line. My school bag held a small unhooking mat, a tub of Chum Mixers and a few slices of bread, along with a plastic bag full of hooks, shot other necessities.

Walking around the lake felt quite odd, here I was in the middle of nowhere quietly searching the margins for signs of life, yet just 40 minutes ago I was sat in a loud classroom trying to complete a tricky project. I know which place I preferred, especially when I saw the tail of a common carp gently sail out of the water followed by a plume of silt rising from the lakebed.

This swim required a very short side cast alongside the lilies and under the branches of a willow. Surprisingly my bread flake settled in the perfect spot and seconds later the water erupted, carp whizzing out into open water and my stalking rod bent double!

I released the carp after taking a photo of it in the margins and I felt proud of myself, first fish from the new lake, fantastic!

A bit later on, Ollie and Tahnee turned up as they had just finished school, their trousers were also soaked due to the long wet grass but thankfully the rain had eased and we noticed sun breaking through the clouds.

My next cast brought a stunning linear koi, aptly named ‘Peach’ and one of the lakes most prized residents. In fact Tahnee remembered when he had lost the exact fish whilst he was in a tree! I just had to learn more about this tree fishing, little did I know that I would also end up in it!

A ‘peach’ of a koi!

Tahnee called out, ‘I’ve got one,’ so Ollie and I ran round with the net. There he was, perched on a branch growing off a large tree, hanging 10 yards out over the lake!

I was not too sure about the strength of the branches so Ollie ran out along the tree to help land the carp. After a brief struggle with the carp getting snagged in the branches the fish was safely resting within the confines of Tahnee’s net.

Treetop fishing, Tahnee style…

I took some photos of the fish and surprisingly, in a lake full of small common carp we had managed another linear!

Tahnee with his catch

I tried a spot of tree top angling but only once I had gained a little more confidence climbing the slippery overhanging branches. I did not manage any more fish, but at last knockings Ollie sneaked out one last fish on a lump of bread crust.

Ollie with a crusty common.

Just as Tahnee was walking back along the branch he lost his footing and tumbled over the side of the tree. All I heard was… ‘Oh no…!’ and SPLASH!

In between fits of laughter, Ollie and I managed to ask him if he was ok or if he needed any help getting out.

I have always believed in finding the positives in every situation and in this case not only had I experienced some hilarious entertainment but Tahnee had been able to learn the depth of the lake and just how much silt there was there!

We walked back to the road, one of us dripping slightly more than the others and we talked about how fun our session had been. I would like to thank Ollie and Tahnee for showing me the lake and for joining me on this fun and eventful session.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and that you all catch a few this weekend!



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