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MANY people nowadays over complicate carp fishing with not just rigs and tackle… but bait!

“You have to be using the latest boilies otherwise you won’t catch”, is something I have heard a lot recently and this may be putting off some youngsters from starting carp fishing.

So in this blog I have written about my 24 hour session where I use a very cheap bait, sweetcorn, and a very simple leger rig, and catch a carp!

Carl and I arrived in the scorching sun on Speci Lake 1 at Tanyard and at 30 degrees we knew it wasn’t going to be the easiest session ever. We began with walking around the lake looking for fish, bubbles and swirls.

We chose a swim near lily pads and snags as we had seen the pads moving and bubbles coming up, even some big tails waving showing us there were carp feeding. To start off with we fed a few pouch-fulls of sweetcorn in a 2 by 2 meter spread and left it while we watched to see if any carp moved in over the bait.

And it didn’t take long! Carp were regularly drifting in and out the pads, bubbling and swirling around over the spot we had baited.

As I knew they were there I put in a bit more bait. I did this for the whole day, just feeding corn little and often to get more and more carp coming in for the bait.

The rig I was using was very simple, but it was a rig I had caught on before and I was confident it would work for me again. An inline lead, no need for a lead clip, a swivel, and my hook length tied to the swivel was 6 inches on supple braid, a size 8 ESP raptor hook, a rig ring on the bend of the hook to allow movement of the hook bait when the fish takes the bait.

On the hair was three grains of fake corn, two sinking and one buoyant so the bait was light and would get sucked up by the carp easily. I hooked on a small PVA bag of maize pellet and cast it to the spot I had been baiting.

And as the sun was just going down behind the trees I had a few bleeps and the bobbin dropped to the floor. I quickly picked up the rod and reeled down to the fish that had swum towards me. It zoomed off, trying to get into the pads. After a long plodding fight I managed to get it into the net. It was a stunning mirror around 14lb on a very simple rig and £1 of bait. I was chuffed to bits!


You don’t need to blow the budge to net

Another method to try with corn is stalking, dropping baits in front of fish. Carl used this method when the carp weren’t interested in the bottom baits! He had a 14lb mirror in the blazing hot sun!

Carl lucked in too

Why don’t you give corn a go on these simple tactics!






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