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THERE is something special about arriving at a large lake or reservoir, water stretching hundreds of yards in all directions.

Rods at the ready…but what’s lurking out there?

The element of mystery and unknown is fantastic, especially when the water in question is rarely fished.

Could there be enormous fish beneath the surface? There is only one way to find out, get permission to fish it by joining the relevant club or asking people very nicely and then give it a go!

My friend Matthew and I had decided to try and catch some bream from a 13-acre estate lake, but due to a sudden drop in temperatures we were not overly confident. Still, we knew bream were present in good numbers so it was time to introduce some bait.

Darkness was fast approaching when Matthew arrived from work, but luckily I had already set up the bivvys and deposited most of the spod mix in 4 ft of water around 50 yards from the bank.

Matt fished a Method feeder on one rod and a standard scaled down carp rig on the other. Hookbaits for the session would be fake corn and artificial maggots (get yours free with this week’s Angler’s Mail!) and some sweet smelling 15 and 10mm boilies.

On the first night we drew a blank but knew the fish were arriving in the area due to the line bites we started receiving. I did not sleep well because the wind and rain kept blowing straight into my brolly, even pulling out the pegs a couple of times!

We kept the swim topped up with large helpings of maggots, casters, mini pellet, crushed boilie, sweetcorn and whatever else I had left over from my previous sessions. We both knew that a shoal of bream could clear our swim in a matter of minutes so we wanted to make sure there was always some food on the lake bed to keep them grubbing around.

Bream fishing can be a bit of a waiting game so we entertained ourselves with a spot of float fishing. The swim took some effort to build but soon it was full of small roach. Incidentally, these roach drew in a predator in the form of this pike which for some reason took my double maggot hookbait! Later on both Matthew and I caught some more roach and a gudgeon each.

A brace of gudgeon – don’t you just love ’em!

That night the bream began to feed with earnest, liners were a commonplace and had us awake most of the night!

Finally we started catching and although the bream did not fight very well, it was very pleasing to get a proper bend in the rod after so long waiting. We rested the fish in a very large staked out keepnet and in the morning took some photos.

The bream got their heads down at night – here’s Carl with a couple of samples from the session.

The mist was incredible and I managed to film a few time lapses as it crept off the lakes surface. To see a video about what we caught on this and the previous session, check out this video…


Hope you enjoyed the blog, good luck to everyone who is getting on the bank this weekend. And even if you can’t, why not get some rigs tied up ready for when you can!


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