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ACCORDING to the weather experts 2012 was apparently one of the wettest years we have had in a long time. And don’t we know it!

Last Saturday we had planned a session on a day when most rivers in the country were flooded so we had obviously chosen to go to a lake.

We were after some big perch and decided to try Framfield Fishery near Uckfield. We managed to get a lift to the complex thanks to our friend Michael.

However, when we arrived we were disappointed to find the gate locked and the fishery closed. This was a result of the flooded river that feeds the lakes. As you can imagine we were just a little bit frustrated!

Now for plan B. Luckily Michael was able to take us to his syndicate.  He could take guests so we were in luck!

His syndicate not only has some big perch but also lots of small carp around the 5 lb range. We weren’t sure whether we would be able to catch perch without bringing in lots of carp into our swim. We chose a snaggy swim close to an overhanging tree.

In the swim – Carl and Alex shelter from the rain, ready for action.

We plumbed up; it was about 4ft deep so we knew it had decent depth for the time of year. In fact the weather hadn’t dropped below double figures in the last week anyway so I don’t think it would have made that much difference.

Carl with a 4lb common

The session started slowly but as we fed little and often for about half an hour the bites started. I had about five bites and I managed to miss all of them. They were finicky and quick. We thought they must be perch.

I was getting a bit frustrated about missing all the bites so I gave it a break and let Carl have a quick go. First cast he caught the culprit: a small perfect common carp around 4lb on worm!

Although not a perch a nice fish on this extremely wet day. We had some lunch then soon after returned to the fishing.

The rig we were using was a 6 lb main line down to a pole float with a thin tip – perch don’t like resistance – a No. 8 shot was placed just below the float to cock it then shirt button style No. 10 shot placed down the line. Then loop to loop connection to the hook length which was 5 lb line.

We used a size 14 hook as we were trying big bits of worm, prawn and also loads of maggots stuffed onto the hook. We had had the bites on worm so I thought I would stick to it for the while.

Time went past with missed bites and extremely heavy rain but I kept on feeding the maggots to hopefully draw the perch in. I continued to try my last hope…

I flicked it out with the long rod and centrepin past the bush then drew it in close to the overhanging branches. Straight away the float went under quite typically for a perch but again it was another carp.

The fish we caught fought really hard. It gave me a right pull around hopefully burning off all the chocolate I had been eating around Christmas!

It was about 7 lb, that one – I was very happy that I had caught on this very wet day!


No perch joy for Carl & Alex but two decent carp, the best being this one to Alex.




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