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LAST Friday, my friend Julian and I organised to film a video together after college. Little did we know that we were going to get more than we bargained for in terms of excitement. Read on to find out what happened…

We had prepared all our camera equipment the day before so come 3pm on Friday we were on our way to Tanyard Fishery. We had planned to go after the quality roach that I had discovered on my last trip.  And because we were going to film into dark, I had brought along some glow in the dark paint to cover my float tip.

The sun was starting to drop in the sky when I realised that my bait was still in a plastic bag in the car! I had to apologise profusely to my mum and ask if she could drive back to the lake. Luckily for us she did.

I managed to bait up and was just shipping out for the first time when an ominous dark cloud drifted in front of the setting sun; it was almost pitch black! The float was ever so dim, barely noticeable by the time I had shipped out to 8 metres. The wind speed was rising and the odd gust would have me straining the pole back into position. To add to all of this it had started to rain.

Perhaps this was not such a good idea,‘ I said to my friend who was now huddled under the brolly feeling both cold and wet. ‘Yeah, but let’s give it a bit longer,’ was his reply.

The next thing I knew there was a huge gust of wind and the brolly’s storm poles were ripped from the soft ground, temporarily lifting the brolly up into the air, before dropping back down into the muddy, quite flooded stream behind us. We quickly heaved it out, pushed the poles even more firmly into the ground, and got back to the job in hand. Catching a roach was becoming more and more unlikely.

Seconds later the brolly was blown over again, this time skilfully stopped by Julian. This was certainly becoming quite an eventful session!

I turned round and concentrated on the float, wait, where is it? Bang, a quick lift and my 6-10 elastic was pouring out of the pole. Before I had the time to say, ‘I hope I land this one’ the elastic shot back and my line hung limp from the connector. Are you kidding me? The fish gods had clearly not taken a liking to my enthusiastically timed fishing trip!

I was beginning to think that the trip could not get any worse when the wind strengthened, it started to rain more heavily and the tripod bag was blown into the air and straight into the river. A sudden chase after it was called for; Julian held the lamp whilst I rushed downstream with the net! Luckily the bag was just beginning to sink when I managed to scoop it out with my net.

Back in the swim, I decided that one last try was in order, so out my pole went with a pot full of maggots. Allowing my hookbait to sink naturally amongst the loose feed I readied myself for a bite. I was amazed as the float dipped!

I managed to land this one. Sat in my net was a glistening roach reflecting my headtorch light back at me.

A roach at the end of an eventful session

Now that I had caught I was comfortable with heading home and so Julian and I packed away our mess of a swim.

On our way back we decided that our next session should be planned in better weather and during daylight hours!

My thanks go to Julian for retaining his faith in me long enough to catch, in what could be described as the worst time to be on the bank ever!

Tight lines for the Christmas period now upon us – and stay safe on the bank!



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