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WHILST on the train to London this week, I found myself talking to someone I used to go to school with. After briefly discussing college and homework we soon moved onto the topic of angling (it was inevitable as David also fishes!)

He told me about a lake he fishes sometimes; funnily enough I had been there a couple of times before but failed to catch anything reasonable. It was the stream that flowed behind the lake that I was more interested in. Although it is very small, tiny streams can sometimes hold big surprises.

The small stream that hinted at more.

David mentioned that he knew there was a carp in there as well as chub. So a couple of days later we found ourselves asking dad if he could drop us off for a session. Dad replied with: “Yes of course, but only after you help me dig this hole in the garden.”

He must have been surprised when I seemed so keen but he soon realised why. Worms. Free bait for the river!

After an hour of digging we threw our gear in the van, just a couple of feeder rods, net, mat and some bits and bobs. And then placed my box of worms next to our tackle. Having arrived at the stream, we were a little disappointed. It was tiny, much smaller than when I had visited the previous winter. In parts it looked like it wasabout to dry up!

We walked downstream and found a spot where the river slowed and appeared to get deeper. Alex flicked out his feeder and as he tensioned the quiver tip, it slowly pulled round. He was into a fish, first cast! It was a bream, but not a small one.

Alex and his bream

Blimey! A bream of that size in here? Crazy stuff. The next cast the tip remained motionless for a little while, the tiny feeder was perfect for the river as it held a small mouthful of groundbait but was just heavy enough to hold bottom.

Carl’s impressive carp.

Alex’s rod tip juddered and he struck, a small perch did its best to rid the hook, but Alex scooped it up in his net. We were both impressed by the quality of thefish in this minute river. I had a go with my rod, casting a little bit further downstream towards some snags. First cast, my tip flew round and kept on going, the worm had been engulfed by a very big fish. A fight of about three minutes followed until the head of a carp surfaced. What on earth is that doing in here I thought!

As it swam away, its back remained out of the water for a while before it found the deeper water. Because of the long fight with the common, we both expected the bites to be few and far between, but incredibly the next cast ended with another carp, this time smaller and for Alex. It’s nice to catch a bigger one than your brother every now and then!

The bites tailed off after the two carp but just as Mum phoned to tell us to start packing up, my quiver tip bounced once. I picked up the rod to reel in and as I did, something pulled back! It was a lovely perch to end the session.

A quality perch to end a day’s fishing for Carl

We have decided to go back at some point and film this stretch, to give people an idea of what is possible from miniature streams like this one.

Tight lines everyone, til next week’s blog!


  • If you want to see more of the lads’ videos for free, now, just browse the Carl & Alex channel in this website’s new TV player. Below is their most recent video, the brilliant third part of “Quest for a 20 lb carp” where Carl achieves what his younger brother achieved big style earlier this summer.






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