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WE arrived in the car park of Framfield Fishery to find it was empty except for one car. And that was Jonathan Watt, a brilliant match angler who is also well known for his weird and wonderful bait combinations!

Carl and Jonny size up their options.

I came along to this session to mainly film Carl and Jonny but also to hopefully catch a few fish myself.

The three of us walked with our tackle to the pegs on Spring Lake, notorious for its great perch bags to be had. As we set up I noticed how clean and organised Jonny’s tackle was; everything was spotless and everything was neatly inside bags. He even said himself, “I hate mud!” I can understand as it gets everywhere.

Carl and Jonny got their seatboxes out and set up their rigs, baits and pole sections. Jonny ran me through some of the bait he was using including his extraordinary smelling krilled maggots which he had put real krill on.

The lake wasn’t that deep so both Carl and Jonny used small pole floats. As Carl was going for perch he used a shirt button style of no.8 shot so the bait would sink slowly through the water layers. It was extremely cold so scaling down line diameter and hook sizes was important. Instead of using a size 14 or 16 hook they used size 18s and hooked a single krilled maggot.

Jonny had already landed three small carp before Carl had even set up but when he did, after a few drop ins, he hooked a decent perch which managed to drop the hook! Carl was disappointed about this but he just kept on feeding, soon he would get another chance. While Jonny kept on hauling the fish in Carl had caught a few carp, enough to make you busy!

Jonny managed to bag a net full of carp

Carl let me have a go with the pole and first ship out with a few maggots in the kinder pot and a maggot on the hook, I caught a nice perch of about 12oz. After catching a few more fish I let Carl have the pole back, hoping that this time he would get a perch!

Alex took over the pole and netted this perch

The pole line went quiet so a switch to the method feeder was needed. A squeeze of Special G Green Bait-Tech groundbait around the feeder and 2 maggots on a size 18 and 3 in. hooklength was just what was needed.

Carl cast out to the island and just one feeder load of bait was enough to get the fish competing. For about 5 minutes he was getting loads of signs of fish attacking the feeder so we knew a proper bite would come soon. The tip slowly juddered round with a small carp on the end.

He had a few more casts with the feeder but while doing this a few maggots over the pole lines was needed to attract the fish back into the swim.

Back to the pole and he straight away hooked a good perch of about a pound. It shows how effective leaving a line for five minutes and feeding it while doing this is. A few more carp came along and then a 1 lb 8 oz perch! Carl had at last achieved his aim of the session.

Carl was happy with his perch

It had turned out to be a very successful days fishing and in very good company! Thank you to Jonny.

We decided to have one last fish to end the day. We all managed to catch at the same time. What a great way to end!


A good day all round for Jonny and Carl


Tight lines!



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