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IF SOMEONE told me at the beginning of the year that I would not have fished a river once until the 24th of January I would not have believed them.

I love my river fishing especially on my local small river, targeting chub and barbel in the little pools.

But the reality is that I have only got close to the river once, and that was during a brief gap in the rain when the river almost returned to normal levels. The rest of the year it has been flowing through fields, across roads and through areas of forest.

However much I was desperate to fish for the barbel during the spell of mild weather, I simply could not get near the actual river! Wading was an option but flooded rivers can be very dangerous especially when they rise and fall in minutes like the Sussex Ouse.

There is another reason why I have not fished the river yet this year and that is because of our winter carp adventure. Our adventure has brought us on a total of two day sessions and four nights. So far the rewards have been beautiful and in two cases rather large…


Sneak peek of winter carp adventures

Sneak peek of winter carp adventures


I don’t want to give too much away as the adventure is not over yet and we start on a new water next weekend. I have been baiting up little and often after work every day (which means riding my bike in the dark through a woodland to the lake every evening!)

I am hoping the carp switch on to this loose feed and when we do start fishing there, we might bag one or two! I have been told it is a tough water so I’m not expecting action from the off. It’s going to be a case of learning the lake, and trying to understand the carp. (sneak peak of our winter carp adventure so far)

Anyway, back to the topic of rivers, come the end of the season I hope to have fished for the barbel a couple of times, but if the river stays in the state it is in now, then I won’t be fishing it for a while!!

To finish off this blog we are going to add a new feature, video of the week. Rather than shamelessly plugging our own videos every week, we have decided to share an interesting fishing film from YouTube. (As well as continuing to plug our own videos from time to time!)

Here is a link to ‘Fishing Britain 1’ a new fishing series which has just started, staring Hywel Morgan, Ant Glasgow Jr and more. Check it out here:




Oh and I nearly forgot, the trains on Tuesday were not running from my local station due to flooding, so this is what I spent my morning doing:





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