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Flying visit to a trout fishery… for a change of game!


WEEKS in advance we had organised to go to Brick Farm Lakes trout fishery in Herstmonceux, East Sussex.

We wanted to try some more trout fishing on the fly. We arrived early on the Saturday and were warmly invited into the lodge where there was a cafe, sofas, chairs, tables and even a wood burning stove!

Outside the weather was getting worse and worse; the winds were getting stronger and the rain was falling heavier. Not good weather for fly fishing!

While the weather was getting worse we were inside the lodge having a lesson on fly fishing from Caroline who kindly taught us loads about lines, rods, knots and flies to use here at Brick Farm.

A spot of fly-fishing for Carl and Alex

Bait for the day! Not quite what we’re used to using.

With a break in the rain we thought we would give some fishing a go. We walked up to Well Lake at the top of the fishery where we had seen some trout launch themselves feet out the water on the way in to the fishery. Caroline gave us some helpful tips on the casting technique and got us going.

It was on my second cast that something grabbed my cat’s whisker fly and zoomed away from me. The trout that I had hooked then jumped two or three times clear out the water. After a long fight, I finally managed to beat this trout and got it safely in the net. It was a very colourful rainbow trout that obviously didn’t mind the stormy conditions.

By now we were completely drenched so we all returned to the lodge where we had a bacon baguette. It was so tasty and gave me the energy I needed to go out again in the rain!

Carl did the fishing this time and I held the camera under the umbrella, filming Carl casting for about half an hour.

As he started to retrieve one of the casts that flew right over a trout’s head, the rod tip juddered violently and a good sized trout went crazy! It was shaking its head, again and again, trying to get away.

As it came within netting range I decided to get the GoPro camera out and try and get some underwater footage of the fish going into the net. I put my hand into the clear water holding the camera tightly and the hooked trout came right over and splashed centimetres away from the camera.

Seconds later Carl gasped! The trout that was so nearly in the net had gone on one last hard run and the hook pulled. We were both frustrated and amazed by how hard the trout fight, they were such strong fish.

Tough battling trout

Tough battling trout. And for a change, our catch also meant dinner!

After that I had one more trout and lost two others before calling it a day. We had both had an amazing time and it was good to experience some fly fishing with an expert guide.

Carl and I would like to thank Keith and Sophie for inviting us down to fish their lakes and to Caroline for teaching us loads about flies, lines, knots and other fish related things. Also to the cook who made us some lovely food in the lodge.

On returning home with the two trout that we had caught, I gutted, my dad cooked with lemon and the whole family ate. It was very tasty and it filled us all up nicely for the evening.

And the next day I was off pole fishing. Totally different fishing! Read our blog next week to see how I got on with match tactics that I hadn’t done in at least a year!




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