ANOTHER week, and another great blog entry, brought to you this Monday by the carp fishing experts from Fox International. The round-up is brought to you by Fox media assistant Harry Charrington.


PERHAPS that is a bit harsh on 40lb commons however, with numerous superb captures of these elusive beasts falling to Edges end tackle items in the last month, one could be forgiven for thinking that they are ten-a-penny.

Fox sponsored angler Alex Bransby was the first to report a 40lb+ common to us during September, in the shape of a 43lb unit from a Bedfordshire estate lake (pictured above).

This marked the end of an ultra successful baiting campaign which saw Alex feeding baits from his new venture ‘Raw baits’ and banking the lake’s second biggest fish a 38lb common followed by the largest resident.

A 12 inch Fox illusion hooklink tied to a size 6 SSBP hook alongside a 2.25oz flat pear presented in a silt gulley at 15 yards range did the damage for Alex who was understandably made up with the result.

Next is a report of a simply stunning 47lb 5oz common from an Essex club lake caught by Kris Garrett.

Kris kept his rig very simple incorporating using a size 6 Arma Point SSBP hook, which he knotless knotted to 20lb Camotex Soft in Light Camo, this was fished on a 5ft length of 30lb Gravel brown Submerge and fished helicopter style, his successful bait was Supa Fruit from DT Bait Developments.

I’m sure you will agree it is an awesome creature.

Camotex Soft tripped up this awesome 47lber for Kris Garrett

Camotex Soft tripped up this awesome 47lber for Kris Garrett

Fox group media manager Lewis Porter also got in on the big common action and I was lucky enough to share the moment with him.

Having spent a great week at the mighty Grenvilles syndicate filming for next year’s free DVD with Scott Day we were just in the process of packing up when I received a call from a very excited Lewis saying he had just netted one of the lakes known 40lbers. As we were still at Grenvilles it made sense to make the short, 20 minute journey over to Bundy’s syndicate where he was fishing to capture the great fish on film. So that is exactly what we did.

Lewis fished a Stiff Hinge rig using Camotex Stiff in Light Camo as the boom section with a prototype stiff monofilament hooklink material as the curved hook section. This was tied to a size 5 Arma Point SR hook.

It really was great to share that moment with Lewis as he held up the superb creature for the cameras and it was made all the sweeter when he managed to nail another smaller common whilst we were there, which really did put the icing on the cake. Read his full account here.

A big common from the ultra Deep Bundys Pit held aloft for the cameras

A big common from the ultra Deep Bundys Pit held aloft for the cameras


This month has been yet another biggy for new products. With limited space to do all the products justice I will give a brief overview of the latest items to come out of the Fox stable.

The new Fox Cookware includes the fantastic Heat Transfer Kettle

The new Fox Cookware includes the fantastic Heat Transfer Kettle

We have Fox’s first ever range of cookware arriving soon including a very clever little kettle! We recognised that one particular piece of technology from the camping industry could be really appreciated in the angling market, in the shape of the impressive Heat Transfer grid that can applied to the base of a kettle to make it more fuel efficient.

Available in a 0.9l and 1.5l capacity these kettles feature Heat Transfer Technology that concentrates the flame of your stove on the base of the kettle for a much faster boiling time. This means that not only will your kettle boil quicker (a godsend in winter) but you will also use less petrol or gas so it will save you money over the course of a season! In fact during the camping industries testing of this heat transfer technology it was found to be around 33% more efficient than a traditional camping kettle.

The Fox Heat Transfer Kettle is made from hard anodised aluminium and features a durable soft touch handle. The larger 1.5l version is perfect for those popular anglers that often have half of the anglers on the lake in their swim for a brew!

In addition to the kettles we have 3 and 4 piece Cooksets. The 4 piece set includes a 0.9l Heat Transfer Kettle, a Medium Saucepan, a Large Saucepan and a Large Frying Pan whilst the 3 piece comes with a 0.9l Heat Transfer Kettle, a Medium Saucepan and a Medium Frying Pan. The wall thickness of the pans has been increased to allow us to use a much better quality non-stick coating than as used by other manufacturers! All items in the Cooksets pack away inside one another for compact transportation.

Other product releases include the Royale Barrow, which comes supplied with a free under barrow bag. It has removable handles and a removable wheel and packs down very compact so will fit pretty much any car boot.

If a high quality, lightweight pram-hood style shelter with wrap option is what you are after then the Royale Classic bivvy fits that bill perfectly and is coming soon!

And last but by no means least we have new coloured Zig Alignas. Following the mind-blowing popularity of our Zig Aligna’s since their release earlier this year we have added a new kit featuring 3 new colours, which will be available by the end of next month. These new colours are white, pink and brown. This gives all of you Zig Aligna fans a whole host of new combinations to play with as they can obviously be mixed and matched with each other and with the existing colours too!


The New coloured Zig Alignas are sure to be a hit

The New coloured Zig Alignas are sure to be a hit


If you would like to know more about any of these products then check out our Facebook page: FoxInternational, twitter: FoxInt, or our website:

That’s all for this month’s folks, October is here and it is my favourite month of the year, so hopefully, we can all get out and slip the net under some proper chunks in the next few weeks! Fingers Crossed.


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