Carl and Alex roach and chubThese super-keen youngsters have a passion for angling and making videos. This is their final weely blog here due to work and study commitments… BUT you can read their exclusive tips each week in Angler’s Mail magazine’s unbeatable All The Answers section, plus we’ll bring you some exclusive updates on their catches, only in the mag.



Happy days blogging!


I THINK it was July 2012 when we wrote our first Angler’s Mail blog and at about six paragraphs long it was one of the longest pieces of writing we had ever done outside of school!

We talked about the types of fishing we did, how we made our videos and the mistakes we made when we started fishing. Since then we have written over 80 blogs and shared photos of gudgeon through to catfish, pole fishing through to deadbaiting and even written a couple of controversial blogs which seemed to provoke quite a reaction!

Sadly though, due to me starting work at Nash Tackle in Essex and Alex starting his GCSEs, we will no longer be able to write our blogs and instead will be spending our spare time making the films as that is where our passion lies. But we’ll still be writing for the mag each week!

We aim to make one of our fishing videos every Friday and post them on our YouTube Channel, but we often don’t quite manage to get them edited in time.

But for the moment, lets have a look back at some of the best moments from our time writing these Angler’s Mail blogs…

Our first proper blog, a trip with my friend Ben Hervey-Murray to an urban river after work. 

We took a break from the carp fishing to go trotting on the Hampshire Avon catching a new PB roach and getting back to basics with a centrepin and maggots.

After a couple of very good, and then some very bad experiences with other anglers I decided to put into words why some people need to lighten up

Last year we had what is probably our best session ever, we caught numerous 20lb+ carp and a new PB catfish.

Catfish 43lb alex edited

The internet is a big thing these days and it has some positive and some negative affects on the fishing world, I listed them here.

I sat back and wondered what the future of angling media holds for the creators and the consumers, I was at first worried but once I laid out the possibilities, I realised the future is bright! Read more about films, the written word, Emagazines and iPads here.

The time we decided to try and do a spot of fluff chucking, which incidentally was immense fun.


One weekend I sat and wondered about how best to become a better angler, I realised that learning lessons on the bank really made a difference to my catch rate, find out more in this slightly philosophical blog.

Most recently, our campaign at the park lake has been documented in our blogs. Take a read here to see how we are getting on.

We hope you have enjoyed following our fishing adventures through these blogs, but don’t worry, we will still be posting regular videos on our YouTube Channel, and you can stay up to date with our catches and losses on our Facebook page.

In the mean time though, Angler’s Mail have an incredible new list of bloggers coming very soon, so watch this space and get ready for plenty more exciting, interesting and fresh new bloggers here on the Angler’s Mail website!

So to say our final goodbye to these blogs, below are a handful of our best fishing moments compiled into video, I hope they inspire you to get on the bank and enjoy yourself.

Tight lines and wet nets! And be sure to read our weekly tips in Angler’s Mail magazine…where we’ll also crop up with some of our best catches 😉

Carl & Alex



Winter Carp Adventure: http://youtu.be/S9Z9gFiKdHM

Multi Species Challenge: http://youtu.be/clODMGBEEpo

Why do we go fishing?: http://youtu.be/Gf9dlXyvbTQ

Barbel fishing and fitness guide: http://youtu.be/YpyIfd17eqk

Surface fishing and stalking 2012: http://youtu.be/uJ6-QvOUTsY

Quest for a UK catfish: http://youtu.be/oTVlyVW26Yc