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Filming fun!


On Sunday morning Carl and I woke up bright and early so we could be at the Tanyard Fishery gates when they opened. As we reached the carp free pool we realised no one had beaten us to it.

After a quick walk around the lake looking for some likely spots where a few bream and tench might be hiding, I chose a spot where I could fish the Method feeder to the reeds next to the island. I had seen a few of the reeds knocking so I knew there were fish already in my swim.

IMG_6405Carl, however decided to give the waggler a go and baited up with a few pouch fulls of maggots next to his right hand margin reeds and snags.

We weren’t just fishing today; we were going to be filmed by Fieldsports TV for a piece on their YouTube channel and David, one of their cameramen and presenter, was going to meet us at about eleven o’clock. Before he arrived both Carl and I had time to cast out just to see if we could catch a few fish before the filming.

In fact a bite came on the second cast for me, a decent sized bream of about 2lb. Whilst Carl was catching a few roach, rudd and perch I had a few more small bream. By ten o’clock the sun was beaming down on us and it felt incredibly warm for mid-March.

Because of this warm weather we couldn’t resist having a look on the specimen lakes. There were carp everywhere on the surface, along the stream side of Speci 1 and everyone had a bottom bait out. No fish had come out yet that day. We walked along and put freelined corn in front of fish and amazingly, just as David arrived, Carl hooked into a carp!

Its head came up to the surface before shooting in all directions, allowing David time to come over and film it. We eventually managed to get the carp in the net; it was certainly a character with a wonky spine and brilliant scales.

After all the excitement we returned to the carp-free pool to do what we should have been doing. I cast out my feeder and waited for the tip to bend round. With the sun on my back it was very warm now and the fish had slowed down slightly with the odd bream every 15 minutes.

Carl steadily caught for the camera and had many roach, bream, rudd and even a few perch. Then my rod tip whizzed

The action-packed session was filmed for the new Fishing Britain show.

The action-packed session was filmed for the new Fishing Britain show.

round and this time it definitely wasn’t a bream; it was a tench and my first of the species this year. On the next cast I had another tench, this time a bit smaller but it was great to catch one again. The next fish I caught was an awesome looking brown goldfish which was a surprise!

It was now about three o’clock and David was getting the finishing shots. The bites on the feeder and float had slowed right down so when David had left we decided to go down to the speci lakes and try and catch another carp. We saw a group of about five big carp on the dam of Speci 2 where the sun had been shining all day. After an hour of putting baits in front of fish I eventually managed to hook a fish, a upper double common and certainly a welcome fish on this hot spring day.

As the sun started to set Carl and I had one last look around all the lakes. Seeing a lot of clouded up water on Speci 3 stream-side bank, I decided to cast my freelined corn hook bait in the middle; after a minute or two my line was pulled under the surface. I struck and knew without doubt that there was a big carp on the end. After a crazy battle with the fish going on countless amount of runs, I managed to finally slip the net under it.


Alex’s stunning 25 lb mirror.

The fish happened to be a recapture of a 25lb plus fully scaled mirror. What a fish to end a fish filled day!

Tight lines & wet nets,

Carl & Alex

PS Check out the Filedsports channel here where you can watch our piece next Friday!




Full coverage of the match scene, plus amazing end of season catches are in this week's Angler's Mail magazine - in shops from Tuesday, March 18.

Full coverage of the match scene, plus amazing end of season catches are in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine – in shops from Tuesday, March 18.



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