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Julian Cundiff’s aiming for carp success after sorting his fishing head out. Read on and you should avoid some traps…


NORMALLY when you hear that ‘back to square one’ phrase it means things haven’t worked out – but in carp fishing terms ‘square one’ is not always a bad thing when it comes to de-complicating matters. It’s a case of using what you know rather than what others know works!

Like many of you I live, eat and breathe carp fishing (whilst having a life I hasten to add). My brain is constantly impacted upon by what I read in magazines and books, what I see on television, videos and shows and what I see on the bank.

Even after 30 constant years of carp fishing I am still influenced by all that which is both good and bad at times.

It’s good in that it stimulates my brain and makes me change and try things. But it’s bad in that at times I end up varying what is a wining combination and confusing myself so much that my (carp fishing) brain hurts…..

Should I know better ? Course I should ! However progress is not always linear and to go forward you occasionally have to make the odd step backwards.

Take 2015 for instance…

Here’s what started my confusion

I’d started the year well enough and with five good carp to my name from what is a tricky water and was really looking forward to the late spring / early summer period to capitalize on the early legwork.

With 10 days abroad to enjoy there was a long awaited break to look forward to….not always a good thing in carp fishing consistency terms.

Away from it all on holiday.... but fishing was never far from my thoughts.

Away from it all on holiday…. but fishing was never far from my thoughts.

So what did I do when abroad ? Well I filled my mind with lots of new things, read some carp books, got bombarded on social media with rigs, baits and tactics and generally forgot about what had served me well so far.

Soon as I was home all the new things I’d read about I started to incorporate into my own fishing despite them probably having little relevance to it.

If it worked for X, and I like the sound of that I decided to try it. Talk about changing a winning combination. It was crazy looking back. Two weeks of new ideas did nothing for my results, well in all honesty it did… it set me back two weeks or more.

Getting back to reality – and sanity!

It was only when someone whom I trust asked me why I was changing from x, y and z that I started to think rationally…Diffusion Leader and lead clip, pop up on a multi-rig and fishing over a good amount of Nash 4G in 10 and 15mm…why had I changed ?

Well I had and no point in crying over spilt milk now. I had a weekend of going back to what I knew worked, tried it on one of my runs waters and – bingo – I was back in the game again.

First trip back to the syndicate it worked and I haven’t looked back since.

Stick to what works. These used to for me - and did when I went back to them.

Stick to what works. These used to for me – and did when I went back to them.

So all I would say in this blog is don’t make the same mistake I had and ruin YOUR winning combinations. By all means be inspired and motivated by others opinions but more likely than not they are not fishing your water ! You KNOW what works for you and that’s your starting point to build upon.

Yes, fine tune by all means – but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water as they say. Sometimes a return to square one is all you need to turn your season around.


Good luck and keep in touch. Find me on Facebook ‘Julian P Cundiff’ and Twitter – @juliancundiff



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Be sure to get this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine for the latest news, top tips and where to fish ideas.