Carl Smith (below, right), one half of the Carl & Alex duo, works as part of the team at Nash. He's back here with a blog here for the Mail, explaining behind the scenes for the Nash annual carp fishing DVD.

EVER wondered how much time and effort goes into the making of the Nash annual DVD? Myself and my brother Alex clock up a few hours filming and editing for our own channel on YouTube but this year’s Nash efforts have been in a different league.

Not long after putting the 2015 Nash DVD to bed, we set to work on the next one, this time the UK Nash annual DVD and also four European DVDs for the French, Germans and Austrians, Polish and Dutch.

It’s logical really, why not make films in a wider range of languages so more people can enjoy them?! What a mission!

It was down to myself and new Nash videographer Dan Yeomans to do the European work, thankfully not only is he hugely talented and great to work with but he is also super organised, the exact opposite of me.

Holland defeated me on day one

Holland and Belgium

First up was Holland and Belgium and for me my first go at driving on the right and going the wrong way around roundabouts.

Seven hours later and we were on a small canal in Holland, I have no idea where and had no phone signal to help me out.

It went well and we got some stalking footage, some night carp fishing and some lovely dark commons before heading off to film one of our Dutch consultants Gunther.

We spent three days without a carp and it was looking a bit iffy until on the final morning the fish seemed to wake up and we had three lovely fish to mid 30s to film.

Whilst repositioning his rigs from a boat Gunther dunked one of our GoPros to get some footage of his swim. Sadly it didn’t have a waterproof cover on and immediately died.

Amazingly after drying it out in the sun for a few hours it came back to life. Relief!

Breakfast time... toasted sandwiches again!

Breakfast time… toasted sandwiches again!

From there it was on to Germany to film a large lake and then the carp of the Danube. The heat all but killed me the first few days, just sapping my energy, I’ve never felt so unable to work. When it stopped being so hot it then rained solid for a few days.

Over into Austria for some big grass carp caught positioning rigs with amazing attention using underwater cameras, and a mere 12 hour trip back to Belgium for the Benelux DVD.

Dan Yeomans after 10 hours driving... fuelled by Red Bull.

Dan Yeomans after 10 hours driving… fuelled by Red Bull.

After a couple of weeks break it was back on the road again, this time an 18 hour road trip to Poland to film at an 1,000 acre lake heated by outflow from a power station, then on to another big lake and then finally in the heart of a city for some park lake carping Polish style.

I remembered at the start of a 12 hour drive that it was my 20th birthday – happy birthday to me! I celebrated a day late with a full day in the office backing up hours and hours of footage…

Filming at the campaign lake with Pawel and Rafal.

Filming at the campaign lake with Pawel and Rafal.

MASSIVE French challenge

The last stop was France, a massive public lake next door to the Orient, and I mean massive.

We got lucky with some fish on the last day, but not so lucky in the rush to film a brace of big carp when a full memory card with two complete days’ footage dropped into a bucket of water.

We were both sure the entire card would be lost, but taking a risk we dried it on the van heater all the way home and after two days in a bag of rice to remove any more moisture amazingly it worked absolutely fine. I think after our Europe-wide efforts we deserved that bit of luck.

Filming a French common.

Filming a French common.

So overall this year has been a year of travelling (a lot) filming (even more) and now an entire autumn and winter editing for hours on end.

Let’s just hope that once it is all finished plenty of anglers from around the world enjoy watching the films we have put together!


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