New to the Angler's Mail blogs, Simon Watson from Pondip shares a step-by-step guide on how to tie a rig that's proved popular for catching big carp. Found this useful? Share with your friends using the social icons above.

IT is fantastic to have the chance to write for the Angler’s Mail. For this first piece I have decided to provide a useful guide to tying a rig which has served me very well over the years and helped to catch some awesome carp.

The following steps will teach you how to construct the rig and show each component required.

The components for your blowback rig

Blow back rig components

You’ll need the following items, as seen in this picture:

  • Size 6 curve shank hook
  • 40cm coated hooklink
  • 2cm shrink tube
  • Small round ‘O’ rig ring
  • Long anti-tangle sleeve
  • Size 8 quick-change swivel

Construction guide for making the rig

1. As shown clearly below, measure 40cm of hook link and strip back 15mm of the coating tying an overhand loop knot to create the hair rig (loop = approx. 1cm long). Then tie on a rig ring 2.5cm from the end of the loop using an over hand granny knot, and push the line down through the eye of hook leaving the rig ring level with the point of the hook.

 Blow back rig rig ring shot 1

Blow back rig rig ring shot 4


2. Wrap the line seven times back up the shank of the hook to create a knotless knot and thread line back down through the eye of the hook. Using a splicing needle enter the tubing 2mm from the end and push all the way through. Pull the hooklink back through the tubing and push on the 2cm shrink tube covering all of the seven wraps on the hook shaft.

Blow back rig Shrink tube shot 1

Blow back rig Shrink tube shot 2

3. Heat the tube to shrink it and thread on the green anti tangle sleeve (you may need to trim back 2 mm of the tube to create a larger hole).

Blow back rig Shrink tube shot 5


4. Measure 18cm and create a loop tying a double over hand knot to create a loop, which measures 3cm long. Pull tight using a purpose made rig straightener. Then it’s time to clip a quick change swivel on to loop and push the sleeve up over the knot but without covering the quick change swivel.

Finished Blow Back Rig


This rig is perfect for fishing pop-ups or bottom baits; it can even be used with various particle baits. I have used it in the UK and abroad, on large and small lakes. It really is my go-anywhere rig.

For more useful rig tying guides please visit Pondip’s blog here.

Thanks for reading – hope to catch you on the bank sometime soon!

Simon – AKA Captain Fish.