This blog comes from Nash carp star Julian Cundiff, one of the most popular and experienced men on the scene, asking if less is more.


BEFORE you suggest ladies that I am urging all carp anglers to go get a divorce I am not…although didn’t a very famous angler once say to be singularly successful you need to be single?

No, this is all about not taking too much clutter at this time of year and instead of fishing three rods try one?

Of course if you are a session angler fishing 24-48 hours at a time then the more the merrier it seems but for those of us on limited time of 3-12 hours less is more.

Let me start by saying that many anglers kid themselves that they haven’t got the time to go carp fishing. With the greatest of respect ‘rubbish’….make time!!

You don’t need to spend countless hours pursuing them as an hour in the right swim at the right time… and BINGO!!

short rod success

Short session success for Jules

We all love fishing tackle and the temptation is to take stuff ‘just in case, eventually this pile gets bigger and bigger until it is not worth going unless you have plenty of time to setup and pack up; duh, big mistake.

If you can find a few hours before or after work/school that can be all you need to catch them.

I have split my gear into two piles with one for overnighters and one for short sessions. The short session gear is simply two rods, landing net and whatever I can get away with to cope with surface fishing and stalking.

Two rods – but ONE in use

Although I take two rods in the sleeves I only fish with one but having two with me assembled saves valuable time.

One is set up with a Bolt Machine for surface fishing and one a Diffusion leader and lead clip for stalking and bottom bait fishing. Lashed to the landing net they take no space up.

With this kind of fishing you can’t be lazy and sit back chilling and expect to be successful, it won’t happen.

You need to find them, or at least put yourself where you think they are and then find a way to trick them into picking up that hookbait.

Believe me that’s why you only need a single rod.

When you get to the water take nothing for granted and don’t have any fixed ideas about where they MUST be and what you MUST do, open mind please, look and keep looking till you find them.

On smaller waters you can do this with the gear in the car but on larger waters it will need to come with you.

single rod floaters

Floaters are perfect for short sessions and opportunist tactics

Once you find them then it’s fishing for a bite NOT a big hit that you need to focus on.

With surface baits I trickle in Risers and Slickers and on the deck it’s a handful of 4G Flake, some Slicker Hemp and a few 10mm boilies; just enough to get them taking bait but not too much.

When they are feeding then choose your opportunity, pick the right presentation and make it count. It’s not rocket science, it is single rod fishing in limited time and it’s damn effective when you get it right…

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