Ecogear and Marukyu stalwart, Nick Marlow wants you to enjoy your best fishing year ever…

EVERY day is a learning opportunity. I’ve said this countless times before, but everyday is a school day when it comes to fishing.

This is what makes me laugh when I hear people talking about fishing magazines, saying “it’s all the same old stuff”… but it’s not! And it never is.

I learn something new EVERY time I go fishing.

Every time I pick up a magazine I learn something new. It’s not always going to be groundbreaking – but it’s always going to catch me more fish get me more bites, or give me confidence by reinforcing something else.

The day you stop learning is the day you should hang up those rods for good!

Perch could well be Nick's most favourite of fish!

Perch could well be Nick’s most favourite of fish!

My top tips to help you catch more fish

Find likeminded people to fish with

That’s what I did. I started pestering Angler’s Mail magazie columnist Stephen Collett with lure fishing questions and he helped me out loads. I would not have caught half what I caught this year if it was not for him (and a fair few others!)

Join a new club

You’ll be AMAZED at how new water and new people can transform your fishing

Talk to anglers

Instead of begrudging them what they catch or deeming them ‘lucky’ – as nine out of 10 times, they’re doing something right!

Out with the main man, Steve Collett himself. I bagged my new pb perch this day too... a cool 4lb 13oz!

Out with the main man, Steve Collett himself. I bagged my new pb perch this day too… a cool 4lb 13oz!

Read magazines

Watch videos and read blogs. Read everything you can and then try it. You wont know if you don’t try it!

Ask questions

Apply your new found knowledge. If it doesn’t work, ask yourself why. Alter your approach. Try again.

Never be afraid to try new things

There’s very little new in angling, but there are plenty of methods that will work if you apply them differently! New techniques put you on a much faster learning curve!

And finally… Enjoy it!