This blog comes from Nash carp star Julian Cundiff, one of the most popular and experienced men on the scene, sharing his mush secret recipe. There are some very useful carp bait tips to apply here!

ALMOST 30 years ago then Anglers Mail columnist, Andy Little, gave me some great advice which I still refer back to today, particularly when it comes to bait and bait application.

“Don’t do anything unless you can explain and understand why you do it…”

So in a nutshell don’t do stuff just because others do it but do it because you understand why it helps your carp fishing.

How many carp anglers fire out boilies for a reason other than that’s because what everyone does?

Free offerings are put out to attract and encourage carp in your swim to feed, but what real attraction does a kilo of boilies have in comparison to the chances of your hookbait being picked up?

So you’ve got 250 or 300 hard balls out there hoping it persuades the carp to have the one with the hook…Mmmm. Doesn’t sound good odds to me particularly on my short 3-12 hour sessions.


I want more stimulation to feed but less food for the carp to choose from. So instead of using the boilies whole I tend to crumb them up or if you are a Nashbait user I get the Flake version of my boilie (4G Squid in my case).

All of a sudden you still have the attraction of the kilo of bait but it’s immediately kicking out the most incredible “eat me” signals and there’s nothing really for the carp to get hold of – unless they have the one attached to a size 6 Fang Twister!

Using crumbed or chopped baits on its own will give you a massive advantage but once you combine it with other small feed items to produce a “mush” it’s an incredible edge.


My usual combination from April to October is a kilo of 4G Flake, a kilo of Nashbait Slicker Hemp and half a kilo of Tiger Nut Slush where it’s allowed.

A handful of 10mm boilies go in to give a bit more substance to keep fish feeding longer and I am rocking.

This is mixed the night before I go and when I am at the lakeside I get it into position with a Spomb or by hand or a Deliverance Spoon if fishing in the edge.

If I want to ball it out groundbait style I simply add more Flake and compress it into balls. Give them five minutes to harden and you can throw them out up to ten yards easily.


When I arrive at the lake the first priority is find those carp. If I find them in l tend to fish singles to start with to maybe nick a fish to begin with.

If that doesn’t work then it’s time to get the mush out and attract and get those carp feeding.

Generally I put most of it out when I arrive and any I have left after the session I freeze for next time.

Carp go absolutely mad on the stuff, it often leads to multiple catches as the carp get so carried away feeding on it.

Hookbaits tend to be pop-ups just off the lake bed with one being a bright visual one and the other one to match the Flake I am using.

Later this year I’ll show you how to use this mega mush in winter just as effectively.

Go on give it a go and your results could well surprise you…but not me!