ANGLER'S MAIL - No.1 for latest catch, gear and tips coverage - hears that Fox International is releasing two waves of exciting products under two new sub-brands, taking Rage fishing tackle further forward. Big fish fans, pay attention!!

Fox International have led the way for many years with predator gear via their Fox Predator brand. Now their  comprehensive range is getting a major facelift and evolve into Fox Rage Predator.

This new sub-brand is part of the hugely popular Fox Rage fishing tackle side of the business, until now a smash hit for lure gear.

As well as affordable rods catered for all styles of predator bait fishing, changes and improvements have been happening to their already vast terminal tackle range. This includes a fantastic 49-strand steel leader –  a material that is virtually kink resistant, ensuring  a trace can be used fish after fish.

A new range of predator treble hooks will now be available in both a fine and heavy gauge wire pattern. Both feature incredibly sharp straight points and a wide gape, which will lead to solid hookholds even when presenting the largest of deadbaits.

A new HD Float range has also been introduced, and we hear they’ll be almost unbreakable – something many pikers have  been crying out for.

Chew pike

Like pike? Lookout for the new Fox Rage Predator gear!

Fox Rage media manager Matt Rand said:  “Even though we knew that our Fox Predator products provided the end consumer with one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, we also saw many areas where we could improve on them.

“We also felt that the whole Predator brand was looking a little tired and required a more modern look and feel.

“This is something that we believe we have done under our new Fox Rage Predator brand and we’re confident that all serious predator anglers out there will agree.”

The new range of Fox Rage Predator products will be hitting the tackle shops this autumn – look out for reviews on items in your No.1 weekly, Angler’s Mail magazine.



And there’s a catfish brand coming to Fox Rage too!

We also hear from Fox of their latest predator brand – Fox Rage Catfish. Itwill fall under the Fox Rage banner and has been introduced to cater for the European catfish market.

Unlike its lure specific parent company, the Catfish sub-brand is aimed more at bait fishing techniques when targeting the biggest Wels catfish.

This species is the largest and most powerful freshwater fish in European waters and all the products in the range have been created with this in mind.

New tackle introductions include rods developed for both boat and bank fishing styles, heavy-duty mono leaders and a comprehensive range of floats designed for baits of all sizes.

There is also a full range of powerful hooks that have received extensive testing in some of the most demanding venues across Europe and have led to the capture of some monstrous specimens already.


If monster Wels are on your agenda, the Fox Rage Catfish will really catch your eye.

Matt Rand said: “The popularity of catfish fishing is growing year on year and it is clearly an area of the sport that still has room for tackle development.

“With many of our European Rage anglers also targeting this massive predator, we already had a head start regarding a consultancy team and after initial discussions with them, it was very easy to pinpoint exactly what products were required for the market.

“This is certainly a brand that we can see growing in size very quickly and there are already many exciting new products in the pipeline going forward.”

The new range of Fox Rage Catfish products be in tackle shops this autumn and Angler’s Mail magazine – as ever will be bang on the case in looking at choice items.

A Fox Rage 2015 catalogue is due in Fox Rage stockists soon and website at carries  details.