EVERY DAY we are revealing the exciting new team of bloggers lined up for this website, www.anglersmail.co.uk

Very soon (from  Monday, July 30) we’ll be having live blogs, one a day, covering the whole spectrum for modern coarse angling.

Here, Angler’s Mail gives a warm welcome here to the Pike Anglers Club crew, who will be part of our new blog team. We take predator fishing seriously at the Mail, so are delighted our pals at the PAC are on board. Their first blog was written by Dave Mutton, the PAC webmaster.

Read on, and check back for more bloggers’ introductions, in their own words…

The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain will blog for www.anglersmail.co.uk Read their introduction here…



THE  Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain was formed back in 1977 and has nearly 2,000 members. The aim of the club is to protect and preserve pike and pike fishing now and for future generations.

The keys to doing this are fourfold: Information, Education, Conservation and last, but certainly not least, Enjoyment.

The PAC is made up of individual Regions that hold their own events such as fishing days, coaching sessions and talks and slideshows often featuring well known anglers such as Mick Brown or Martin Bowler to name but two.

Our Mission Statement is ‘The Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain will work to establish an environment in which pike are valued, both as a sporting fish and a necessary part of the management and ecology of fresh waters.’

Here’s a quick look at some of the content on our regular blog, coming soon, to www.anglersmail.co.uk


Pike care is such an important topic.

Conservation and the PAC

A regular feature here will highlight work the PAC carries out, both nationally and locally in the conservation of pike and freshwater habitats in general.

The PAC actively works with such bodies as the Environment Agency, British Waterways, The Angling Trust and The Broads Authority to fight against pollution, illegal netting, fish removals etc.

You’ll find out we’re up to!


Regional roundup

A regular overview of all regional activities, focussing on forthcoming events and reports, photos etc from recent events. Many of the events are open to all whether it be a coaching session with a qualified angling coach or a night featuring a big-name speaker. If a star is giving a talk and slideshow at a local venue, we’ll tell you. And we’ll have links to regional PAC sites


A gravel pit monster for PAC general secretary Alan Dudhill.

Catch Reports. Although pike anglers are a notoriously secretive bunch, there are always plenty of pics of big fish and reports that will grab people’s attention. We’ll reveal some here – and keep an eye on the top pike coverage in Angler’s Mail magazine, of course!

Tackle reviews. Bankside reviews of both what’s new on the market and what tried and tested in the world of pike fishing. We’ll include links to the manufacturers’ sites.

Thoughts from the bankside. Profile pieces on an individual angler, whether it be a National Committee Member, Liaison Officer, regional organiser or an active member. This will be a chance to have his say on any pike or general angling issues. Plus there’ll be pics of recent catches and tackle or rig ideas he wants to share with you guys.


PAC – Working for the future of Pike and Pike Fishing.  Be sure to follow our blog here on the new-look Angler’s Mail magazine website!



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